Slow online help again

I thought loads of new staff were hired…online help has gone slow again…anyone else experience this problem?

How long have you been waiting?

Couple of hr. Use be instant last year year…then use to be couple of 2 hr still nothing…
If I call Lloyd’s telephone banking I will get thru straight away…not that I am really fussed…but that was the whole point if getting extra staff

Ive noticed wait times always increase after a new feature has rolled out, this week it’s loans and people querying why they haven’t got it

If it’s urgent you can call the number on the back of the card, although the chat bot should have filtered any urgent requests out

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It’s not urgent, but the number never works…no one answers it…

Is it possible to request a call back from the in app chat??


Not that I’m aware of. The call team is quite small (last I heard) but I’m sure if you requested this and had a good reason they would try and accommodate all requests

On the loan feature, it clearly says why you are not entitled to it…so why waste thier time

Some people don’t believe the message they are given is accurate

I’m just speculating on that being the reason. It might just be because it’s saturday night so there might be less staff working or something completely different


Trust me no one answers the calls…they had to pay me out of settlement cost…not going into details…this was a few months ago

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And yet plenty of people say they’ve got through on the phone :woman_shrugging:

Never had an urgent issue that needed me to call them so I haven’t tried it

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Of course u would say that.u are coral crew😂

And? I don’t work for monzo and don’t have inside info on staffing or other issues. I can only go by what people say on the forum


Comming up to12. Still no reply…will keep Lloyd’s as my main ACC. Atleast I can speak to them 24/7 without any waiting time

4:35 next morning…still no reply

Night support is especially rubbish and scarce doubt you’ll get an answer until the morning at least.

I sent them a message at 7pm ish last night

Yeah I’ve been following the thread.

Tbh I find support useless unless it’s a bog standard question and there’s a walk through internal guide or something.

As soon as it’s more complicated it’s just a passing game.

I got a copy of account notes and stuff once, and I saw that when they apparently asked a ‘specialist’ something it just said “customer wants more info what do I do?” And the team leader replied “just tell him xyz” that really ticked me off, like what on earth don’t lie that it’s been investigated by someone actually competent and they specialise in that department.

Basically while they hire loads of 1st line support and get some agency staff it does nothing with helping the queues beyond the basic queries that are already answered in the help articles, from my experience they seriously need some more specialists.

I am asking a question that has never been covered before. I was thinking of going full Monzo from next week…not any more