Sky Mobile

They don’t normally. It’s a special plan that pops up in the occasional offer period. It’s usually around Christmas time.

Typically it takes whatever the current cheapest plan is, adds a bonus GB, but charges either £1 less or the same price. Unlike with the bonus data offers, you keep that plan forever until you choose to change it, or they put the prices up.

My 20GB one was recently put up to £11 but a few weeks ago they introduced a new 10GB for £10 option, and I was allowed to move to that and keep my double data offer, so back to paying £10.

They never really advertise them though, so it’s a case of keeping your eyes peeled and checking what plans are available every couple of months or so.

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I wish o2 wasnt so tragic everywhere except where I live. They are okay here but if I travel anywhere in the uk they will tend to be trash. Here (no 5g in this town) Three is by a mile fastest, then EE, then its a toss up between o2 and voda but voda is poor because its the major network people use although EE is getting more popular.

On a side, I can get 100GB from voda for £8 after cashback which is very tempting.


EE is really the network to be with here if availability, reliability and speed matter.

In dense parts of the castle grounds, o2, voda, and 3 can get really flaky and lose data altogether whilst EE never drops 4G.

Same in the mountain parts. EE either has the superior positioned masts, or better penetration for these obstacles.

And when the power goes out. Guess whose network is the only one that stays up?

This happens ALL the time I would only bother callimg their sales team

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Even though EE have the emergency contract it has failed repeatedly with a total loss of service for non emergency users. I have had to help several small businesses who lost all mobile use for a day each time because EE failed across multiple masts.

The emergency network stays up though but normal users are stuff. I suspect if there was power loss to the mast the same thing would happen given the importance of saving generator use for that.
By comparison voda is far far more reliable but slower because of the number of users. Voda may get worse when all those SMET meters move across now voda have that contact. Thats a whole lot of extra devices chatting on the bands.

eSIM has quietly launched today. Not sure what the process is for ordering, but I’ve just converted mine.


I just wish o2 wasnt so crap in so many places, its okay here as so many dont have it which makes it semi tempting as a backup sim but its just so crap everywhere else.