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Surprised there isn’t a topic for Sky Mobile already. Making one to share this bit of news though, because I think they’re the most interesting player in the mobile network space right now.


Bit unusual to go this route, especially an O2 mvno (slowest reported network for data for many years).

I anticipate Sky to move to EE or Three/Voda (voda3? 3fone?) to alleviate some of the O2 network space in time. Easiest to move for better service.


My view of Sky Mobile is now better than it was 3 years ago:

Still have 3 numbers and it has been faultless. The monthly unused data rollover is a huge bonus too.


Honestly if Sky ever moved to EE, and I hope they do. I’d never even question the idea of moving anywhere else so long as they keep doing what they’ve been doing.

O2 woes on the island are the only thing tempting me away.

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Just stumbled across this on the Sky community :eyes:

I must be reading this wrong and maybe they haven’t revealed the full pricing, but surely it can’t be a Macbook Air for £22 a month?!

It’s over 4 years. But you can trade it in for a new one after 3.

It’s £999 at Apple. The RRP markup essentially equates to an interest APR of about 1.6%, but lets them advertise it as 0%.

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I love Sky Mobile but…

This is why my handset is with them but no longer the SIM - such a crap network to piggy back off. I had a month of zero ability for anyone to ring me, no texts etc.

Sky were really good about it, let me port out early which I felt bad about.

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For 70gb :melting_face: I get 250gb for £13 :sweat_smile: O2 though.

It was from May. They’re outdated now.

It’s now 75GB for £32!

Or 100GB for £20.

Choose wisely.


Choices. :joy:

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I got a great deal with Vodafone. I only pay £17 for unlimited data, txts and calls. My contract is coming up to an end in September so debating if I should change provider or stay with Vodafone.

The value from Sky is largely for those of us who aren’t data hoarders I think. Folks who know their needs well enough that they don’t need the peace of mind an (not really) unlimited tariff offers.

In a typical month, I use about 2GB of data. But I have a 20GB plan for £10 per month. What I don’t use goes into the piggy bank (that’s my peace of mind). When i travel, I typically tend to stay within my 20GB allowance, but it’s nice to know I’ve got an extra 750GB on the side to use when I need it. Which the other users on my family plan with the cheaper sims dip into regularly.

So the only reason I’d really consider switching would be for better connectivity from EE. But it would also cost a lot of more to pay for an equivalent that would offset the value I get out of the piggy bank that I’m probably never gonna touch besides trading lots of the data in for a cheaper iPhone plan.

I’d still rather buy my phone direct from Apple, but if Sky offer a compelling and competitive reason, like they did for the 12 pro, I wouldn’t hesitate to get it through them. Was a very good experience.

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Has anyone got experience with using their piggybank balance to get money off an upgrade/new device?

I can see the options available online are to trade in 25/50/100 GB of data…all well and good but I currently have 700GB in my piggybank. Ideally would like to use as much of this as possible for money off a potential upgrade or failing that will massively reduce my data on my next contract and pull from my bank when needed.

Same, I think mine is 2-4gb, but Sky always comes up as very expensive for that. I’m currently on 99p a month, I’ve rarely had to pay over £2.

Most of those on my account have the 4GB sim for £4. Keep checking every holiday season, because the data goes up but the price stays the same. That price includes unlimited calls and texts and 5g as standard, and I just don’t know who else offers that at the same price point.

Which network are you with?

I also have a free sim that gets 100MB every month. If that one needs data it takes from the piggy bank.

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Does Sky support visual voicemail?


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I’m with Lebara at the minute but I usually cycle through the budget providers as most offer £1 - £2 for six months. I didn’t realise Sky did a £4 one though, that’s good value.

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Sky’s website is so sh*te

This happens after hitting check out…