Sky Glass

I don’t think Sky would brick the TV outright. They do say that you have to subscribe to Sky Ultimate as well if you buy it, but you should be able to cancel Ultimate and have the TV still working.

If it weren’t for the fact it’s not OLED putting me off already, the nail in the coffin for me would be that getting Sky Glass and Ultimate cancels any existing Sky subscriptions - so all those recordings you have on your existing box? You lose them.

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From the T&Cs…

So providing you’re out of contract and have paid off the TV, I can’t see how they can legally “brick” the device when they claim that you own it.

The T&Cs also mention several times that the TV is financed and you’re subscribing to the Sky service for the shows / services. So it makes sense that the latter is simply cancelled if you end the agreement.

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It wouldn’t be ‘bricked’ per se because you can use the HDMI.

What they can and probably will do is shut off access to the sky software installed. Of course it doesn’t have its own ‘smart’ software other than that, but you could get a streaming stick instead.

Yes that’s all they’ll do. It will likely be an app installed on the TV that connects to Sky if you have an active subscription.

Similar to if I turn on my sky box now and remove my card - it will not allow me to view anything and I’ll get an error that I don’t have an active subscription.


They’ve said on Twitter that the TV remains functional without a Sky subscription but you lose what they are calling ‘advanced’ functionality which I think means voice control, playlist, etc

So you lose Smart functionality I guess? To use other manufacturers terminology.

Buy an Apple TV/Roku and you’re back to normal, minus the Sky stuff that you had cancelled for anyway.

You can get the sky stuff back with the now tv app on Apple TV or Roku

Yes but it’s nowhere near as intuitive as Sky’s own interface.

I find the interface fine for what you pay. Can’t have the world for £9.99 :star_struck:


Plus with NowTV you minimise the amount of cash you have to give the Murdoch empire. :blush:


It’s not murdoch owned any more


Phew. I hate supporting any of his stuff and even my NowTV payment was annoying me. :laughing: