Sky Glass and Sky Stream

Strange, I’ve never had that. The only gripe I have is the loading time into apps, but that’s improved somewhat with OS 1.3.

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I’m hoping this update fixes it. They keep saying it’s my broadband but it’s definitely not (500Mbps both ways).

In fairness, it still could be. There’s a lot more to broadband than your throughput.

My mom’s Sky Glass experience has still largely been error free contrary to the experiences of louder voices in this thread, and she’s stuck on slower VDSL broadband in the middle of nowhere.

I am on Sky FTTP 900mb, it happens to me…

Box BB 1Gbps run sky streams often 3 at the same time and never seen the error once

Stability, latency, packet loss are way more important than speed

There is probably no difference between a 50Mbps and 1Gbps connection watching a sky stream channel


No issues with that as it’s monitored here.

It’s worst with live channels but can happen on sky catch up (aka not app) as well. Usually booting the stream fixes it but it’s a pita.

Depends on what you’re doing, but yep. Live tv can’t buffer like on demand streaming can, so it really benefits from and relies on the same approach you’d take for other real time services like voip and gaming, which are very dependant on minimising jitter and packet loss. Speed will still matter of course, because it still needs to be fast enough to deliver the content, and 4K can quickly fill a VDSL link.

Local network configuration will matter an awful lot there too. Especially if you’re using WiFi and not Ethernet. Poorly configured local networks are quite often the crux of a lot of seemingly broadband related issues.

I can definitely see instability being the cause of such an issue, even on the lan side. Particularly with the speeds reported and the fact it’s not commonly happening to everyone.

Meant to specify that comment was in regards to sky stream video steaming, unless it was streaming 3 channels or something 50mbps should be more than enough

If you were doing any kind of downloading i.e games, speed would probably be very important to you, but if anything since I got my FTTP line the latency and upload speeds have been the only (and very noticeable) improvement

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Both Sky Glass (1 TV, OS 1.3) and Sky Stream (3 pucks) working here OK since launch, without any issues other than the dire introduction of ITVX, which has thankfully fixed itself since.

FTTP (Openreach/Sky), Sky router, 60-odd WiFi connected devices split across 2.4 & 5 GHz, extensive Hue system, 1st gen Nest thermo (:scream: still going strong) & Protects, 4x Chromecasts (2 Ultra’s), Matter mesh via Hue bridge for smart plugs, Octopus Mini & Pro (zigbee/WiFi) with Home Assistant control for the lot of 'em. And 2 Xbox - one of them online/downloading almost permanently!

Strangely reliable. Apart from the :octopus: Pro which is clearly an experiment.

Only LAN connections: RPi4 (Home Assistant server) & Hue bridge - cabled to Sky Router (which is then connected to the Openreach fibre port) Everything else totally wireless.

I hate wires.


Just curious, do you live in a large property? The thought of 60 devices running through an ISP router is the stuff of nightmares.

I am the other way, anything static gets wired in but the router is right next to the tele and the cables are completly hidden

?? The hue bridge doesn’t mesh matter, it lets you add its devices (or friends of hue) via zinger protocol to bridge which then speaks to a matter hub but it doesn’t actually broadcast matter to its paired devices so no mesh as such.

Everything including the stream is hard wired properly here and even then I have as many WiFi devices as you although a lot don’t use much internet data as it’s local loop to my Pi HA.

The stream isn’t broken each day but the issue happen enough I would warn people about it.
It hasn’t got bad enough to put a smart plug into it to save pulling the cable yet.
The puck should be replaced with a proper app to run it on proper hardware but sky love the lock in with hardware, have they got free view working on the glass now?

I likely monitor my network and have a more professional network than some detractors on here as I actually have ran large networks. Some like to play network engineer without having much of a clue.

Not massive - a large 70’s semi-detached. Solid walls everywhere downstairs and the Sky AP is located at the front of the house. Still get 75% WiFi strength in the back garden! The Sky router has impressed me.


No idea unfortunately, I decommissioned both the aerial and the Sky dish a while ago, so can’t plug a (decent) aerial into it to test.

If your network is a sky engineer install, that’s quite impressive.

Oh it’s not.

The only thing Sky did was to fit & connect the internal connection point to the external Openreach fibre termination box. As for everything else in from that point - yours truly.


Got about 60 devices on the Box BB supplied router, never really had too many problems but the video doorbells started playing up a lot recently

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Bet he had NTL though back in the day

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