Sky Glass and Sky Stream

I think I know what you’re doing wrong.

Firestick should be on the projector in the cinema room, CCTV feed should be connected up to your security office and console in your games room.



Where’s everyone getting the 2 HDMI ports from? Sky Glass has 3.


Why not put the Sky Glass. In the cinema room? They say it’s 4K HDR so it should be perfectly watchable

Might just look a bit small in that massive room.

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My earlier typo!

Meant to type 3. Was convinced I’d typed 3 - stupid brain.


Currently paying £30 for Stream, 30 day rolling contract.

Is it worth cancelling and seeing what they offer me? I’ve read you can’t get these new customer deals for 12 months after cancelling. Be nice to save some money though! TIA.

I had traditional Sky Q (with dish) and cancelled last month. In fact I’m still in my in the 1 month cancellation/notice period and they are already sending me rejoining/stay with sky deals both through email and from calls. They’ve offered:

£42.50 Sky Signature + Sky Sports
£49.50 Sky Signature + Sky Sports + Sky Cinema

Both on 18m contracts, both an automated (assuming its automated) email offer.

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They offered me 9 months at £15.50 with no contractual obligations, so happy with that, and can renegotiate or cancel when that’s up. :grinning:

Did you try and negotiate down before you left? Just wondering how much cheaper those are than their “final” offer.

Got my second Sky stream puck today

Once I connected it to my WiFi it already knew my account details, it automatically configured itself to turn up and down the volume on my Hisense TV and then automatically logged into all streaming apps (e.g Netflix)

Honestly, the best TV service I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot of them

This TV is wall mounted so I was worried about how it would look with the box, I just shoved it in behind the TV and the remote works fine so I assume bluetooth and not IR?

From memory I think they offered £54.50 for Signature+Sports+Cinema when cancelling. So about +£5 vs post cancellation offer.

Sky has just added UHD and Dolby Atmos for free to everyone now with Sky Stream (was previously £6 per month extra).

Not sure if they’ve done the same with Sky Glass (or if it just came as standard).

Still being offered it as an extra for £6 with two months free.

Strange - I just went through the sign-up, as a brand new customer though, and got this:

And it’s being reported in the local rag

If NowTV ever stopped offering me a discount on the entertainment pack, it would bring the 2 options close enough to consider if I wanted to jump over to a Stream puck (or, better still, if Sky just launched a full Sky app for my own TV box (happens to be Apple TV, but they could launch it across Chromecast, FireTV and Roku as well).

Probably a new customer offer sadly but we will see if others find a way to get it.

No need to be sad.

I frequently call them when I see enticing new customer offers and ask for them to be added to my current plan. They always do so.

Then every year when my contract is up I just ask generally, what offers have you got and I’ll lock in for another years contract. Then they tack on things like half price Netflix, 6 months free sky cinema and so on.

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Yeah I managed to eek out a deal when I got the stream originally with 900mb fttp, basically cost less to have the stream with netflix 4k and 900mb than just netflix and 900mb from someone else.
My 4k is discounted right now but not free so I may try but ugh…

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned in this thread yet, but Sky Sports Main Event low latency channels being tested by Sky on 921 (HD) and 922 (UHD). I watched the F1 yesterday on it and I would say at least 20 seconds of latency has been removed.

Looking forward to it being rolled out to other channels this year.


I’d prefer them to work on the never ending ‘There was a problem loading your programme’ blue screen fault. Annoying.