Sky Glass and Sky Stream

Press ‘+’ on remote = added to playlist. Reminder set.

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I weaned my family off sky in stages

Cancel it but keep it as Freesat
Install a digital aerial and use a youview box which records and has catchup built into the guide
Set up the HD Home run and Plex to serve live TV + Additional content which might be on other streaming services
Record everything they did on the youview on the homerun via plex for a month

Let them loose

It’s been a massive success and a mega cost saving - we can all watch live TV anywhere in the world, set recordings which auto delete adverts and download the new episodes of shows to any device automatically.

Had a high initial cost, but it’s paid for itself, and we won’t be going back to sky now.


Not directly sky glass or sky stream, but still related.

What is the point of labelling shows as Peacock originals here? Considering they have the same parent company, why cant they just be Sky Originals/Exclusives like the HBO content is?

Most people wont have a clue what Peacock is.

The only possible reason I can think of is they want to launch Peacock separately and they want to build up some brand recognition but why would they want to do that when Now exists already?

And i know this doesnt really matter but I just dont really understand it.

Just saw Cameron Gray uploaded, he does very in-depth reviews

(19) Sky Stream: A Paying Customer’s Review - Is it any good? - YouTube

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I wish he’d speak more slowly - I can’t keep up with his gabbling.

You can change the speed of YouTube videos, can’t you?


Haha I thought he spoke slowly but I am Scottish, he’s even Edinburgh so posh Scottish accent as well.


Now that really does sound odd :slight_smile:

Nothing against his (or Scottish) accent in general - in fact, I usually find Scottish accents very clear. It’s just the way he speaks - short bursts of very fast sentences.

I did quite a lot of classroom-type training in my job and I got used to speaking quite slowly when I got more proficient at it.

I watch everything at at least 1.25x. Time is :moneybag:!

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£5 extra to skip ads


I still have the Sky Q dont think im going to change and glad I didnt, £5 to skip ads, id rather watch paint dry

Small print always important. In that article…

“Customers can partially resolve this annoyance by paying an extra £5 per month for Sky’s Ad Skipping service (if you took their Sky Ultimate TV subscription then this was included free for the first 18-months of service)”

You get the Ultimate TV sub as standard with Stream, so there isn’t an option to NOT have ad skipping - so no extra for 18 months.

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Decided to try a SKy Stream for a few months to give me something to watch over Christmas. Picture and sound quality is great and no issues so far with streaming. So much of the advertised content is from iPlayer, Netflix, amazon, etc it does make you wonder if it’s worth the money.

It also keeps interfering with the sound to my soundbar even though I turned off CEC.

Working my way through Das Boot Season 3 at the moment.

I’m glad you said this as I wan’t sure if it was my soundbar that was on the blink.

I swapped out some of the HDMI leads, which probably done nothing, but it seems to have lessened but not stopped the occurrences.

I’ve ordered a CEC blocker and will report back at the weekend if it has worked, or not.


Can you cancel Sky Glass within the 14 days?
Tempted to try it.

Thanks for this.

I’ve been getting very frustrated with CEC not working on my Shield TV… Unplugged Sky Glass Puck and it’s all working as expected.

Bought this same adapter to nullify the Puck CEC capabilities.

Sonos and LG by any chance? There’s a huge thread on it here - Answered: Puck issues with Sonos Arc Soundbar | Sky Community

Phillips TV and Sony Soundbar. Same issue though.

Got the puck connected to a smart plug so I can power it off from my phone which then switches sound back to my soundbar.