Skip option for repeating payments

Many subscription services have a skip functionality which can be useful for several reasons:

  • you’re going on holiday
  • you’ll be away from home for a while
  • you have surplus stock at home
  • you want a break from the product or service
  • you overestimate your required amount.

A few services I subscribe to involve sending a specified quantity of a product to my home every month or every 4 weeks depending on the service. I have this bad habit of overestimating how much I need or plan to use, which is okay, because it allows me to build up a surplus and I’m never worried about running out.

A downside to this though, is from time to time I’ll need to pause or skip a subscription delivery, but Monzo will still be trying to predict these payments, which can interfere with and distort my budget, summary, and left to spend figures for the month.

I think it would be nice to have similar controls within Monzo to mimic the skip and pause controls subscriptions services provide, so that it remains in better and more accurate sync with my actual subscriptions.

How do you envisage it working? If it was to block payments to a specific merchant For a couple of weeks, then repeated failed payments would just cancel the service?

I have it in the back of my mind that a service exists where you can manage many different subscription services though just not sure what it is called or how good it is sadly.

Edit - I misread. I thought you meant within Monzo you could control the subscriptions :+1:

Yeah, my Huel subscription was due to renew on August 31st but I only just today opened the delivery from 4 weeks ago, and still have a bit left over from the one before that.

I’ve skipped the next delivery with Huel, but the payment is still being predicted as upcoming in Monzo. Would be nice to be able to mark that payment as skipped for this month so Monzo aren’t predicting the payment.

I don’t want Monzo to temporarily block card payments to services, but more of just a way to let them know that this payment isn’t happening this period, so remove it from summary until the next period.