Single sign on when navigating from your Monzo app to the community forum


There’s been a few times where I’m using the monzo app and decided to browse the community forum. The fact that I have to sign in again using my community account deters me from posting/replying back to threads.

Can we not create/link our community forum account to the monzo app - so everytime we navigate to the community forum via monzo app we don’t need to separately sign in. Feels like a more seamless and integrated user experience.




Fidor UK have single sign on for their community and accounts and I dislike it. I want my accounts separated from any community.

(Simon B) #3

This is a really interesting point and it’s definitely something we’ve been looking into. We haven’t made a commitment on this (AFAIK) but I know it’s part of a wider ongoing discussion we’re having about how we can improve the community and integrate it more deeply into the app :grinning:


Do I remember rightly that at one time Mondo (as was) was thinking about providing a general “Sign in with Monzo” function via oauth2 - similar to signing with with Google or Facebook on third party sites?

Was that / is that still a thing? I suspect that banking and identity are going to be big in the short to medium term…