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Singapore uses the Singapore dollar ($, SGD)

Card usage

Card acceptance is generally really good. Contactless is present in many, but not all places.


There aren’t any charges for withdrawals. ATMs are prevalent.

Payment and withdrawal limits

All Monzo cards have some payment and withdrawal limits. To check yours before you leave, go to your Profile section of the app and tap on Limits

Crowdsourced merchant data

Transaction notifications aren’t delivered immediately when on Wifi, you may need to to open the app and refresh the feed, in order to view them.


In terms of public transport- they use a card called EZ-Link, which works like the Oyster card. You can use Monzo to pay for a temporary EZ-Link and you get a deposit back on the card at the end of it. EZ-Link can be used on buses, trains, and some taxis.

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(Adam) #3

Just posted this over at 🇸🇬 Monzo in Singapore [Discussion]

I just got charged s$5 on my Monzo debit card after declining the automatic currency translation for DBS (as in, I opted to pay in local currency). The wording on the screen did not say I would be charged the “access fee” so please withdraw from DBS on your Monzo debit carefully. I am going to see if I can take a picture of the screen where it asks about the translation (it says it will charge s$5 for the translation only) and put it here to see if it mentions a general s$5 fee (but I read it pretty carefully and wouldn’t gave accepted the fee had I known it was coming).

Recommend we update the ATM fees part of the guide to reflect that some ATMs are charging an access fee. I will find out if more charge this fee and also find out if I just misunderstood the message or if it was actually unclear by going through on another DBS machine. I’ll also withdraw on a different machine as UOB at Bukkit Timah where I tried was faulty.

Monzo in Singapore & Indonesia

I had the same issue as @adamdunkley when I withdrew from a POSB ATM. There was no indication that I was to be charged the S$5 fee, and in the end the Monzo app showed me that the total amount withdrawn was S$5 more than the actual amount I selected to withdraw.

For information, POSB is now a subsidiary of DBS.

(Lewis ross ) #5

Hi guys

Going to Singapore from Malaysia tomorrow does anybody know any free ATMs I can use to withdraw cash please?

Help is appreciated as always


(Mark) #6

Just got back from Singapore, no issues for me using the card, withdrawals worked as expected as well with no added fees.

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