Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

Don’t think there is a way, I’ve got the same issue with RBS and Starling, it only lets me add one.

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I had the same with Barclaycard - couldn’t add both mine and MrsW’s Barclaycards at the same time, it would only connect to one. Adding the first is OK but adding the second simply overwrote the first.

Fixed it though. By ditching the Barclaycards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s a shame isn’t it.

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Cheers! Yeh, I think I’ll just have to ditch using one of them…it is such a shame you can’t add 2 though, because apart from that I can’t find a fault with it!

I’ve got two MBNA cards showing. It must be the way the external company implements Open Banking, rather than a Monzo problem, if it works for some but not others.

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Starling was the same, couldn’t show joint and personal.

I believe it is the other end setup, opposed to monzo.


I ditched them too. They’ve been quite aggressively raising interest rates on my legacy Platinum card. Vote with your feet :+1:


Does anybody know what the long number card is for Apple Pay or is it a mystery?

I need to find my receipt for expenses using the long card number on Metrolink but assume this won’t be possible?

You’ll only see the last 4 digits in Apple wallet, or possible find the transaction in Apple wallet history.

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You enter the card number on your physical card, travel operators are allowed to link your apple pay number to the physical one.

You will need:
The long number from your payment card / card linked to your payment device (watch, smartphone)

Hi. I understand (I think) the concept of Pots. However, the Individual Savings Account seems to be one in its own right.

Is there a method of creating a pot in the savings account - I’m saving up for a holiday next year, and I want to account the saving from that from general saving. I’d like both at 4.6% (I’m on Perks) as it’s a fairly expensive holiday so if I create a current account Pot this would be 4.1% I think.

A workround would be to open and put it in a cash ISA specifically for this and I have no problem with this, or I could do it on paper, but I was wondering if I was missing something.

You’re not missing anything unfortunately. Pots were Pots and very useful until the ‘regular savings pot’ launched with interest.

Other pots didn’t have interest. And it makes no sense to put money into pot which doesn’t earn interest - so the Pots concept died.


Pots gain zero interest. The instant access saver with Monzo is either 4.1 or 4.6%. They sit in slightly different places in the app but both are the same really.

You can get different rates from other suppliers but the terms differ.

Note you can only have one Monzo saver pot.

This is very true for me, what used to be in a few specific pots is now all in the savings pot with a spreadsheet tracking what £ is for what. Now I only use the normal pots with virtual cards for things like subscriptions and my DDs.

It’s a shame we can’t split the savings pot into sub pots but it’s not the end of the world.


Have 1 saver Pot and open the Safety net for another.

They both have interest applied.

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Oh, no it’s not, I can work round it. I just wasn’t sure if it was possible.

Thanks to those who replied.

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Hopefully one day it will happen! Like @Carlo1460 said though, the Safety Net is the same thing, it just has an extra page suggesting you maybe don’t withdraw before the withdraw page.

How can I unblock the monzo card? I accidentally blocked thinking a fraud transaction but now I am travelling and I need to access the account by the same card

Home Screen > tap Card on your Monzo account > defrost.

If you’ve reported a fraudulent transaction, only Monzo can undo it.