Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

Technically you can. The ombudsman exists and is the far better route - it’s there because courts and solicitors are out of reach of most people. However there’s nothing that prevents someone going through the courts instead, it’s rare due to the cost, complexity of the cases and the time (it certainly wouldn’t be a quicker route) - it does happen occasionally when larger amounts are involved.

@DanielG1974 sorry to hear about the situation, unfortunately you’ll have to wait though. You can try calling them. Monzo support times are very slow, but hopefully this is just a routine delay.


If you’ve downloaded the app and clicked log in not sign up, be sure you’re using your email account linked to monzo.

Search your email inboxes for “monzo”.

Email has generally been quick for me to get a response, usually within a day or two, but 5 working days is general rule.

I appreciate your response. Not knowing is making me imagine all sorts of worrying things. It just seemed a very long time. Supposed to be moving in two weeks and I may loose the house because of this.

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Thanks, I asked to change my email as i do not have access to the original email . But that is tied up in this delayed request.