Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

Even if an existing share holder wants to sell ?

When you exercise caution what di you mean ?

It’s not an official marketplace. You sort everything yourself and assume all risks.

So not controlled by crowd cube , and no guarantee if the seller will actually transfer shares if I transfer money to him?

Correct, you’ll need to use an escrow service or similar. It’s all in the wiki :slight_smile:

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Why cant i close mh account by logging in? Appalling service too

I’m not sure what you mean

You can’t find the close account option?

You can close your Monzo bank account in-app by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Close Account’

You can’t delete your forum profile though (as in this forum that you are reading now) - that’s a Discourse ‘issue’ and this forum runs on the Discourse platform.

Cant see settings option?

Settings for what?

I think he replied to you in error.

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In the Monzo app, tap on your profile image at the top-left, tap on the settings ‘cog’ at the top-right, tap on ‘Close account’

nope, it dont work? please show scree shot?

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welcome to the community forum Nick


If you’re struggling just send a message in app chat.

Personally I’d leave the account dormant to not impact my credit score but it’s up to you :slight_smile:

Having problems logging on my account

Welcome to the community!

Could you please provide more details? What steps have you taken? What device are you using? Is there an error message?


Hi there, Is it ok to put my wages into my account? I’m paid in USD but have a UK account. Thank you.

I wouldn’t advise it. Monzo aren’t set up to reliably accept foreign payments. I’d look for another bank account for this. Starling, perhaps.