Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

You’d probably be best asking in app chat but as far as i can tell it would be classed as an international transfer needing an IBAN which isnt fully up and running yet so it would take a bit longer, or not guaranteed to work at this stage

Okay maybe its a better idea to transfer from my nationwide account?

Yeah. Unless you want to go through transferwise to do an international transfer, Nationwide with a UK sortcode would be faster payments and the money would be in your Monzo account within a couple of hours (normally minutes)

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Hi all, I have a question.

If I create a saving pot (with interest) and schedule a withdrawal to go out on a specific date (let’s say the 19th), is that money going to be moved to my account on that date (19th) or a day after (20th)?

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it will schedule the withdrawal for the date specified but it wont be in your account until the next working day after that

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Thanks @Rat_au_van

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I would like my account to be unblocked please. Ive never done anything bad on it

The community can’t help unfortunately

Keep communicating with monzo in app and they’ll let you know if they need more information

This blog might help give more context

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Good evening, The Monzo App has been down all day long and so I have no access to money. What’s going on?

It’s fine :eyes:

Are you getting an error message or what’s happening?

According to down detector most of the UK is having problems also

Well you’re the first to mention it here

Monzo reports it is OK; and has worked all day for me.

Could it be a local internet access problem?

yeay for me…but it doesn’t change anything

Ok. So what issue are you having? An error message? Crashing?

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app? There’s no issues reported on the status page and the down detector site is basing that on 4 people reporting an issue

You’re looking at a web-page, not the service. The service is fine. I have no idea what that webpage is ‘monzo/map’ but the actual monzo website is up (from another up/down reporting service;

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reinstalation seems to have fixed it hanks.


How do I get added to the crowdfunding investor group after investing?

Send a DM to @cookywook asking to be added to the investor group and he’ll sort it for you :wink:

Hi, I am not able to access my email account and neither my monzo app account.

Can you please let me know what should i do?

I already sent an email to there is no answer from oither email or call centre.

I am stuck.