Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)


Thanks very much!

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developer access here

(Scott) #465

Just created a community account here using the same email I use on my Monzo account. Is there a way to link the accounts? Just invested in monzo and want the new badge! Thanks!

(Tom) #466

They’re going to do a batch updating of investor badges later :+1:

(Scott) #467

Awesome! Thank you :slight_smile:


What impact does routinely freezing and unfreezing my card do? To avoid unwanted criminals making use of my card I have considered leaving it in a frozen state until I want to use it. Is the achievable or even desirable?

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You can freeze and defrost your card as often as you like.

There’s not really any need to. If a criminal steals your card and makes purchases, you’ll be able to contact Monzo and get your money back. It’s basically Monzo’s money they’d be spending.

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Once you’ve frozen your card I think you can still use Google/Apple Pay, so you could keep it frozen permanently if you wanted and use that? :thinking:

(Jeff) #471

Is there a way to categorise cash spending and not only transactions direct from the Account?


I’m afraid not at the moment. You can categorise ATM withdrawals, but at the moment you can’t break a transaction down further unfortunately.

(Jeff) #473

okay thanks for the prompt reply!

(Mike Byrne) #474

Hi There…my android has given up on me so phoneless for a few days…how can I activate my new Monzo card? The online banking on my desktop mac is pretty limited

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Not sure. Your best bet would be to email or send it through the web app. They’ll be able to advise

(Rob Scott) #476

Hey guys, first post so be kind.

My question is around Categories and setting them every time. I often buy a quick drink or my lunch at work however it gets categorised as General, each time I have to go into the purchase and change the category. Is there a way to set this so it defaults to Food each time? It’s really not a massive issue at all, just wondered if it’s me missing something obvious! :thinking:


Hmm, once you have changed it once for a certain retailer it should stick on what you changed it to (unless you change it again yourself).

(Jeff Estandarte) #478


We are looking for banking alternatives and we’ve found that your banking services suits our new UK Limited Company.

We are interested to know the following

  • Can we get a GB(pound) bank account straight away for new UK Ltd company?
  • Is there any mandatory material needed when the owner is not from UK but from Finland?
  • Are you also able to create business account from companies outside UK like Estonia or Ireland?

Hope to hear from you soon.

(Is Santa here yet?) #479

Monzo do not have business accounts at the moment. Possibly in the second half of next year though

(Ben ) #480

You’re not the only one interested / patiently waiting for it, Jeff :smile:

(Robin John Scotter) #481


I’m in Australia and have some AUD in cash which I want to put on my uk monzo card …how do I do it and what is the cheapest way



(Is Santa here yet?) #482

You’d have to put the cash into an Australian bank account and then use transferwise to send it to your Monzo account