Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)


For other readers, who don’t use apple pay, could you be more specific about what you mean by ‘the outage’?

(Katie McCornish) #443

The “outage” meaning all apple pay systems were down.


For everyone or just for Monzo? Do you have a link to the status update about it?

Side question, where do you carry your licence when you are driving if you don’t take your wallet with you? (I don’t know how to make that sound like a general interest question, but it is)

(Katie McCornish) #445

I don’t have a link and I had my license in my car, just not my purse

(Andy) #446

First I’ve heard of this outage but in any case you’d have filled in an “unable to pay” form at the petrol station and been required to pay with in a certain time frame before the petrol station started recovery procedures



I haven’t seen anything reported about any problems with apple pay, though to be fair I don’t use it so don’t look for it.

In the same way that it’s a good idea to have one MasterCard and one Visa (two bank accounts normally), in case either processor goes down (which has happened for both, which affected all banks) I’d say it’s a good idea (no matter which bank) to always have access to some other form of payment and use apple pay for extra convenience, not solely rely on it. At a minimum have your visa and MasterCard accounts both in your apple pay, which means if a specific one has a problem you are fine. Personally I would always keep a physical card too. Means if your phone runs out of battery or has a hissy fit you then don’t have to worry.

Thanks to @glasgow for the more specific answer of how to handle a petrol station specifically.


Hi, I ordered a replacement card after I lost my old one. The creditcard number changed of course - but do your account number and sort code from your bank account details change as well or do they stay the same as before?

(Only available in amateur ) #449

They stay the same

(Dulac) #450

Hello everyone! There is one question I need answered is: does Monzo work in South America? Many threads, it gets confusing.
Thank you!

(Andre Borie) #451

You have to be an UK resident if you want to open an account, but if you already have an account then yes the card will work fine with no fees anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

(Colin Robinson) #452

@Jdlc Might be an answer here:


I have got myself a Monzo card but whilst I was registering I found that due to inserting my post code I then chose my address from the list that came up. I just happened to click on the wrong number while selecting. I only realised this when the response came back you have successfully registered and where would you like to have your card delivered. I managed to change the delivery address to the correct number but cannot change what my correct registered address is. I have the delivered card and have activated it. However how do I correct my main address. Also I believe it should be a concern for Monzo that the KYC platform permitted me to register successfully whilst the house number on my driving licence was different from the number I selected, missing a digit. Does Monzo need to go back to its KYC provider? I still have the problem of not knowing how to correct the number.

(Only available in amateur ) #454

Address is not part of the verification process. You can change it in app by going to account > profile at the top and then scroll down the list

The wrong address would prevent you from getting an overdraft or loan etc

(Robert Alan Evans) #455

Is MONZO a member of EBA?
I payment into my account was not made and the following message given.

" The beneficiary Bank have returned this payment in the sum of EUR 225.00
Reason: NO ROUTING TO MONZGB2LXXX - not a member of eba
We have today arranged to re-credit the customer’s account with same"

(Andy) #456

No it’s not a member of EBA. Sending international payments to a Monzo account can be hit or miss and may take some time to arrive until Monzo get inward international payments up and running

(Andre Borie) #457

IBAN payments are still a bit flaky at the moment, Monzo is working on it.

(Louis) #459


I get paid on the last Wednesday of the month (with December being paid a week earlier) is there any way to get the app to reflect this in the summary tab?



Not at the moment, I’m afraid. There’s be a lot of discussion over here - and Monzo has said they’re looking at more complicated payment schedules (like last Wednesday of the month). I’m not sure they’ll be ready to cope with Christmas exceptions any time soon though!


Hi there!

I’m new to Monzo and wanted to ask if I am able to access my account on a computer as opposed to just the app?

Thanks very much!

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #462

a very basic web interface - allows you to freeze your card and see your transactions , not sure if it does a lot else :slight_smile:

there is also a developer API which I cant find the link to at the moment