Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

(Natali Herrera) #422

Hello, I am not from London. I am from Colombia.

  1. May I have a Monzo account and a card being in Colombia?
  2. Monzo is a Debit card?
  3. If I want to receive the card in the US? It is possible?
  4. Someone from Customer Service speak spanish?


Hey @nataliherrera,

You need a UK address to sign up to Monzo - The card will be delivered there in the first instance.

What do you need the card for?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #424


You need to be a U.K. resident, and the card will be sent to your U.K. address.

Monzo is a U.K. current account, with a MasterCard debit card.

I am sure that someone in customer service will be able to speak Spanish


(Natali Herrera) #425

I want to travel to the US and I want to make transactions in US Dollars. It is possible with Monzo?

(Natali Herrera) #426

Thank you :grinning:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #427

De nada

I’m just showing off. I’m not really a Spanish speaker

(Gerry) #428

Hi everyone,

Historically, I find that I will stick to a monthly budget well until an out of the ordinary expenses arises. This might be something like buying a new pair of shoes, or buying flights for a holiday.

Ideally I would like to be able to have a budget which accounts for non-monthly expenditure, just so that I could keep track of these unusual purchases across the course of a year.

What is the best way to use Monzo in order to manage budgets which aren’t monthly? Perhaps using pots?

Many thanks,


That’s probably the case @hgerry. I tend to keep some money in Pots and then withdraw it when I need it.

I then usually exclude it from my spending so it doesn’t affect the monthly budget I have set up on the summary.

(Gerry) #430

Ok - thanks, Beth

(Peter) #431

Can I transfer money back to South Africa and have it deposited into a Standard Bank Account…

(Tony) #432

You can do an international transfer from Monzo to all kinds of non-UK destination bank accounts (via their integration with Transferwise). See the blog post below:

Now, I’ve no idea if the allowable currencies include the South African Rand (when it was launched it was restricted to a small set of currencies, and I don’t see that mentioned), so if that’s not one of them your best bet is probably to use Transferwise directly.

(Neha Aslam) #433

Is my account open?

(Tom) #434

That’s not something we can answer here. What happens/what does it say when you open the app?

(Bruna da Cruz de Souza) #435

O can not open account

(Bruna da Cruz de Souza) #436

How can i Open anexo account how to do ir?

(Tom) #437

You need to download the Monzo app from your app store first, and create an account that way :+1:

(Bruna da Cruz de Souza) #438

I already Open account how to order the card

(Tom) #439

It’s been a while since I opened my account, but think ordering the card is automatic? If not, try the Account tab.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #440

You can only have 1 account per person, excluding joint accounts.

(Katie McCornish) #441

@cookywook Last week I filled up my car at the garage but I didn’t bring my purse with me, just my phone for Monzo Apple Pay. I couldn’t pay because of the outage but a friend helped me out - what would I have done in that situation if my friend wasn’t there?