Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

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My point is they don’t recommend it, not that the iPad doesn’t work.

Anyway, it maybe that somewhere along the line, your setup has become confused at Monzo’s end and would benefit from some CS input. Don’t know if you’ve made contact, though.


Its not a bug you can only have 1 iOS/Android device registered or 1 iOS and 1 Android.


My point is they do recommend it, they did exactly that when I enquired.

The even bigger point is they allow access from 3 devices that can all stay registered, which seems like an industry norm.

Not yet, I only noticed it happening today.

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Pretty silly if so, IMO.

It should just be 3 devices, without any unnecessary restrictions, as Starling and most other banks allow.


Its already been suggested to allow more than one device. You can add your voice here:


Thanks, will do.

It’s not like the request isn’t the defacto standard most other banks already implement.

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It wouldn’t be :monzo: if it was :wink:

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I was just about to say the same thing. Using that as an argument won’t work here :grinning:


Though I include the other mobile banks in that statement.

The only real excuse for not allowing it would be “security” and I’m just heading that excuse off before it arrives, when everyone including the direct competitors have settled on a security requirement of around 3 devices at a minimum there’s no real excuse to not allow similar.

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I doubt it. My Nationwide app can be opened on two iOS devices simultaneously.

Same with Santander.

I think it’s either deliberate, or a Monzo bug.


Sorry, yes, by iOS bug I mean a bug in the Monzo iOS app.


To clear this up, Monzo only allows you to use one iOS device and/or one Android device. In practice, this means that I can use the app on an iPhone and an Android at the same time, but if I try to use it on two iPhones (or an iPhone and an iPad) then the first device will get logged out.

Whether we like it or not, this is Monzo’s current authentication model. Maybe someone from Monzo will be along to confirm if they have any plans in this area, but I’d suggest that if this is really important to anyone, then Monzo might not be for you right now).

(My own view: while I do like Starling’s device management screens, I really don’t like the passcode/password/device auth security combo. And I’m content with Monzo’s magic link approach to log in - which I think has been debated many times on here before!)


For what it’s worth, on Rip Off Britain the security on our app was ranked highly in all areas. Including limit device logons.


To be fair Starling was not in that comparison. I guess no one in their team had a Starling account.



I was wondering if it was possible to create my own spending categories within Monzo.

Any help would be great.

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No you can’t create your own categories and Monzo currently have no plans to let you do so. You can use the notes and tags to help you organise spend better

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I am using my iPad for the Monzo app. However I can’t get Monzo to work in landscape…
will this be possible at some future stage? Is this an apple issue or a Monzo issue or a bit of both?

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Monzo only build the app to work on iPhone and not iPad so when you run it on iPad it’s running the iPhone app resized. Would be up to Monzo to build the app for iPad but I don’t think there’s any plans to do it

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Ah ! Ok. Thx. for the heads up…