Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

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As @Rat_au_van says, you don’t need to keep the app open. You can close it completely.

You’ll get a notification and an email when a response comes through.


Thanks to both of you for replying (I can’t figure out how to multi quote on this forum software so apologies for only quoting one of you).

I have a slightly better understanding now, it would probably be better if Monzo called it in-app messaging rather than live chat.

I can only learn from the mistakes and experiences ;).

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Where does it say live chat?

(Matt C) #385

Weirdly I have just clicked on “Chat History” and it doesn’t have any of my previous chats stored there. Also, it allows me to type and submit messages as if I am in a live chat…


It uses the same terminology of “chat with a real human” like any number of other live chat system I’ve used eg Sky, Three, Barclays, EE.

You chat, as in send message-receive message-send message etc in real or near real time.

An in app messaging service (like HSBC) isn’t labelled as chat but as secure messaging and I wouldn’t expect an immediate or almost immediate chat type reply.

The problem, IMO, is the perception “chat with a human” gives, not the fact it might take a couple of hours (or a day to get a reply). Hopefully it’ll get used as feedback and when customers open a chat there can be an instruction that they can send the message and then close out and a message reply will appear as a notification when it arrives.

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This is the new chat system you’ve been moved to then. If you need your chat history you can ask for it


Ok, one more question.

On my iPhone, I touch the icon and the app opens and I see my balance and the app then force closes again.

When I try and reopen I’m back to the splash screen and need to input my email address, get an email from Monzo, click the link in the email and then get back into the app.

Is this because I’ve checked the account on my iPad? Does the app kick you out and expect you to re-authenticate a device every time you log in on a different device?

If this is so, does that mean I could lose access to my account if something prevented me getting into my gmail?

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I believe that you can only be logged in on one device at a time this is why it is asking you each time, otherwise (in my case) I just use my fingerprint to unlock the app.

If you lost access to your email account you would need to call Monzo on the number that is on the back of your card.

and if you lost access to both of your devices you would use the online version:


So every time you log out of the app you have to re-authenticate via email before logging back in?

And there seems to be a security bug, when it kicks me out and I re-authenticate from the email link it lets me straight in without asking for my fingerprint so in the event someone had access to my phone they could circumvent my TouchID simply by using the “log in” command and the email link. My email cannot be password locked, so it seems a glaring loophole in the touchID lock on the app…

This seems a bit bizarre, I can have 3 authenticated devices on Starling, Halifax and Barclaycard, any of which can be accessed via touchID or password, it seems incredibly clumsy to force a complete re-authentication every time I log out.

I’m getting the feeling that in its current iteration this app and account isn’t really ready for mainstream use as a primary current account.

If I’m at home I use an iPad for everything, when I’m out I use my phone (sometimes at work I use a different phone as I have an Android app to use at work), all my other financial accounts are quite happy to work across the devices, when I want to check something I expect to be able to click app icon, touch the fingerprint sensor and check, a 5 second job, not take minutes to re-authenticate by opening the app, clicking the link to send an email, open email app, click on link and wait.

I can’t believe this is considered normal…

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I think you’ll find that it is considered normal for Monzo.

It’s a bank designed for your phone. It isn’t designed to be used on an iPad (although it does work).

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Have a chat with support. Like I said I think you can only have 1 device associated with your account but I could be wrong and they may be able to make exceptions :slight_smile:

Once this is resolved you should be able to simply log in with your fingerprint.

I used to have a Santander account and they only allowed you to be logged into the service on one device at a time so this is normal. They also kept a log of trusted devices and if you wanted to add a new one there were additional steps. I would argue that this is standard security and I for one welcome it. It is the device management part that Monzo don’t currently have available in the app.


The argument there would be Starling is described in exactly the same manner and has no problem working on iPad + iPhone.

I can see why they might think it would be a good idea to only allow one device to be physically logged in at a time but the procedure of making a customer do the whole email process every time is completely counterintuitive to good service.

I’ve done a little more experimenting and it’s more likely an iOS bug, while the app reverts to the click to email splash screen every time I open each iOS device it doesn’t do so on the Android device which I’ve also connected to my account.

I can open the Android app via fingerprint over and over consistently even between opening and then reactivating both the iPhone and iPad so whilst it’s still not customer friendly at least I’ve got a little bit of reassurance that I can log in via the Android app if all goes wrong with the email log in mess-about on iOS.

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I’ve just checked my devices. I concurrently opened the app with two separate devices (Android and iOS). Works fine. No need for reauthentication. Maybe the iPad is the problem.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #395

But Starling don’t recommend it. So it’d be unwise to rely on it.


I would agree and that’s exaclty what I said, I have 3 devices registered with Starling, Halifax and Barclaycard in the way you describe, that’s normal.

I can open the app and touching the print reader I log in to any of the 3.

That’s normal, having to go through and register via email authentication every time you wanted to log in to your Santander account wouldn’t be normal, would it?


Where did you get that idea?

Starling CS was the one to tell me that I can have multiple devices registered and that it would work on the iPad.

They even make it extremely easy to manage the 3 registered devices in-app without any rigmarole if using emails or contacting CS.

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I agreed with you in the first paragraph of my reply. I then went on to advise you to contact support to see if they can help you with this.

I’m not arguing with you, I’m trying to help you in getting it resolved.


Why would you logout of Monzo though?
Its your phone and other than Monzo account it will have your emails and the rest all very personal so I guess it would be a secure device.
Do you logout of your email app every time you have used that?

Monzo app can not move money or transfer without extra authorisation like PIN or fingerprint so app security is already there rest is just for privacy.


I actually made that point in the post above yours :wink:

The Android app doesn’t seem to have the fault, it stays registered and only needs fingerprint to get in each time.

The bug is the 2 iOS devices won’t stay registered.


I’m not logging out, I’m simply closing out the app (pressing the home button) but when I’m returning to the app it’s logged me out because I’ve opened the app on the other device.