Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)


No one really knows. But given that there are currently no fees outside the EU, I’m not sure that there will be an immediate change on that front, if ever.

The unfortunate fact is that until the details are known it’s incredibly difficult to understand the impact. Sorry!

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  1. Would like to use Monzo as joint account for household bills. Does Monzo offer cash-back type product compared to say Santander 123 account and, if not, what other houshold perks would you offer to attract those customers who want to run all utility bills through Monzo?

  2. What is the timing for Monzo offering interest on the current account?



Oh dear, @woo, I’m not sure that Monzo is for you!

Monzo doesn’t really do cash back or perks - or current account interest for that matter. Instead, they offer what I think is probably the best banking app, give you tools to better understand and manage your finances, and make it easier to do financial stuff with friends.

Everyone has different needs for their bank accounts, so you might well find that other providers work better for you. If I were you, I’d give Monzo a go, though. You might be pleasantly surprised?

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Thanks for the response.

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Hello! I am self employed and take photographs of my business expense receipts on Monzo, against the relevant purchases. Legally, I need to be able to produce (ie show the government if asked) these photographs for 7 years. Can I do this with Monzo? Have had a look around other threads but cannot find the answer to this question, so thanks in advance for advice!

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I know they are all stored in cloud storage and don’t believe any are deleted unless you delete them yourself. @HughWells, @simonb do you know the answer to this?

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Nope, they aren’t deleted :slight_smile:

We would keep them for up to 6 years after the closure date of your account, as per our privacy policy :+1:

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Hi, new to the community, I have asked the question elsewhere but there may be a simple solution. Is there a way to reduce the large spikes on the graph when there is an income which I then move to a pot? I find the graph very useful to help with budgeting, but is less useful when the scale is distorted.

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Not at the moment but the issues with the pulse graph have been raised in the past

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I’ve just changed mobile phone and I now can’t open the app. It says User authentication required. What should I do?
Best Peter


You should email Monzo CS they can help you change your number or advise on this.

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It’s always worth trying deleting and reinstalling the app. If that doesn’t work, then contact Monzo.

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Hi, I wanted to ask something about online transactions. So, up to now Monzo would ask me to tap on the app or to enter a passcode sent via text to approve online transactions. In the last couple of days, though, my transactions have been going through without my being asked to approve. Do you know why this is? Many thanks!



Hey Elena. It sounds like you are talking about 3D secure transactions. If so, it is not something all websites enable, so for some you would need to and for others not.

Is it for the same website that you are buying something and the second time it doesn’t ask, or for a different website each time?

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Hi, thanks for the prompt reply.

I’ve used it on different websites but also on a website that had previously asked me for a passcode, and did not this time. That seems quite baffling. Is there anything I can do?

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You will get a combination of both in app verification and one time code verification. It’s not the website asking you it’s actually Monzo’s platform asking you. The website doesn’t see anything you’re doing

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I know what you mean, but I haven’t been getting either lately. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Thanks anyway.

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3d secure protects the bank from risk. Either the company or Monzo have decided that since you’ve used them before then they are happy it’s probably you. If someone fraudulently uses your card you can still claim the money back though so it’s less friction but just as safe



I’m just wondering if there are more efficient ways to contact customer service than the app chat? For some reason Monzo have used my full name including middle name for the payments link rather than just first name last name as requested when signing up and I’d like them to fix it.

I’ve been waiting in the app since about 8:45 without any joy, it’s kicked me out once and of course it’s also fairly difficult to keep the backlight on for over an hour and a half trying to see when they might reply.

Is it also ok to use the help@monzo email address to make account queries?

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You’ll get a badge notification on the app logo when they reply (it’s been a while since I contacted them but I’m sure that’s how it worked) It might take up to a day so I don’t think looking at the app for that time will work. Email won’t be any quicker I don’t think