Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

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welcome to the community forum Nick


If you’re struggling just send a message in app chat.

Personally I’d leave the account dormant to not impact my credit score but it’s up to you :slight_smile:

Having problems logging on my account

Welcome to the community!

Could you please provide more details? What steps have you taken? What device are you using? Is there an error message?


Hi there, Is it ok to put my wages into my account? I’m paid in USD but have a UK account. Thank you.

I wouldn’t advise it. Monzo aren’t set up to reliably accept foreign payments. I’d look for another bank account for this. Starling, perhaps.

Your best bet is to ask in the support chat in the app (go to the help tab and search for “Contact” to get an article with a link to the chat). If it’s USD from a UK bank you might be fine. If it’s USD from an overseas bank then as @Anarchist says, you probably need to look for a bank that supports IBANs (which Monzo doesn’t yet).

How do i access previous chats in Monzo app??

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It’s all one long feed, so just scroll up :slight_smile:

How do I solve the problem: “Unfortunately we can’t offer you a Monzo account”. I have tried to make the account twice and I still can’t get passed the verification process.

You can’t, unfortunately. You can try to ask Monzo why they won’t open the account by emailing, but it’s unlikely they can tell you

Check your credit report and Cifas file. Have you been in the UK for a while, or did you just move here? These are some of the common reasons

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Hey, been a Monzo user for some time, have business account and a plus / investor account.

so all in with the Monzo club.

this is more of a general question around how they can make them be a better bank, rather than just being a new cool bank, doing the same as the traditional banks with better language. Akin to the apple mentality of users, being that apple don’t do anything much differently to any other big tech company, they just “sell” in a much different way, which they are close to becoming.

my example for this is there lending criteria for loans and over drafts.

I think to exclude someone on the credit file alone is a poor move, if you have access to may years now of accounts, and can see the spending and income, see that they done have declines, not rejections. should this not be accounted before the credit file.

I am only speaking from my personal experience.

I am not in need of either, however, under their lending criteria would not be eligible.

Thanks in advance.

From what they’ve explained they layer together all sorts of data from various sources to determine eligibility against their own secret criteria. They’re also extremely cautious about who they lend to currently as they’re new to all of this too.

Over time they’ve said they will improve this and branch out to make offers to more people and take on more risk.

I was really hoping that this time there would be car breakdown service, mobile phone insurance and travel insurance options. Are there any plans to add these?

I’m hoping so with the ‘Premium’ tier when/if it launches.

If there were, I’d finally be able to ditch my HSBC Advance account which provides all of those for £11.95 per month.


Well, well… just received an email from HSBC informing they are sunsetting the HSBC Advance features (Breakdown/Travel & Mobile insurance) on 01-September. So that’s me knackered.

[/selfish on] Monzo - please release Premium prior to 01-September-2020 :pray::pray::pray: [/selfish off]

Otherwise, I’ll have to go elsewhere.


The Nationwide offering is still extant.


That’s the one I’d go for at this point.

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Hello, I’m thinking of opening a business account with Monzo but before I do, can anyone here confirm the following:

  1. if the Monzo business account offers the ability to make international payments?
  2. If Monzo international payments are powered by Transferwise so I would get the same forex rate as I would with them?
    Many thanks in advance for your time in answering my questions.
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