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I think there are certain words on this community forum that result in a post being automatically hidden.

I think JK Rowling is one

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What was it flagged for?

I noticed it last night. The only justifiable (at a push) reason to hide that are the advertising/spam rules. But then, you only shared it in response to my asking for the link, so…

I’ve shared links to discord communities in the public before too, never had it flagged. An odd one indeed.

If you want to see a really wild ride check out the humane discord. Its basically people asking about the 30 day return policy, complaining about it, an interesting thread about their privacy policy giving them the IP rights of everything inputted into the device (including emails, photos it takes etc).

I won’t post a link, don’t want to get flagged, ya’ll have to google it :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone (they are 100% watching) flagged it for moderator attention

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If this is similar to cases I’ve seen in the past involving Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter and X, then while there’s every chance that this may be another crazy AI rights grab, it sounds like it could also be a misreading of basic terms which amount to “We need to be allowed to do the bare minimum to make our service work”.

That is, if you don’t give the service permission to your words or media, then they wouldn’t be allowed to actually make the service work. Similar to how social media can’t distribute your words worldwide without you permitting them to do so, how would a LLM be allowed to process your request if you didn’t permit it to do so?

Obvious IANAL and I’ve not seen any of the discussions you’re referring to, so I’m just playing Devil’s Avocado here.


I’m almost curious to see what’ll happen there when they attempt to take someone to court over it.

Also, suggestion, I really enjoy hearing what @simonb had been up to, I also enjoy talking about AI hardware but personally struggling having the same conversation in two different threads.

Does one need to take it forward?


Hey gang :wave:

I spoke with @simonb already about starting a separate discussion about the rabbit r1 so you can all chat about your experience with it (if you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on one).

So feel free to start a topic and I can look to move some of the chat in here over to that discussion :smile:

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Don’t we already pretty much have that discussion in the form of the AI hardware thread?

A lot of the discourse has been cross posted between both of these threads already.


I just thought there was enough interest for a more focused discussion on the r1 but if folks are happy to continue the chat over in the AI hardware thread so be it :+1:


A fresh discussion for Rabbit probably works, but there’s just a lot of Humane cross chatter in this thread too, so I’m not sure how you’d splice the conversation here between a Rabbit thread and a general AI Hardware (or Humane) one. So the general thread seems a more appropriate destination for the existing discourse IMO.


The people have decided :hammer: (I need to add a gavel emoji)





“Lucky enough” - I think you mean “foolish enough”


So did Apple WWDC just kill Humane and Rabbit for good?

Rabbit, I think so. Apple demoed a real LAM in action that was worlds beyond anything Rabbit have shown and is entirely (or almost entirely because it’s not clear exactly which functions need the private cloud augmentation) done with on-device processing.

Humane, no. They have other problems, and I don’t think Apple’s AI stuff really competes with what Humane are trying to do.

Again, we need to extrapolate the AI from the hardware. Because in terms of AI capability, sure. It seems better than Humane. But they’re totally different hardware devices. That’s much less true with Rabbit though.

Rabbit was shit from the start so anything would beat them

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