Sim sized second card to put in watch strap!

(Gehan Gonsalkorale) #1

I currently use bPay. If you haven’t heard if it then it’s a sim-sized contactless card that you attach to your phone (lame) or have in a bracelet (awesome). You top it up like with Mondo and you can instantly see your spending in the phone and web apps.

This is what the card looks like:

Rather than buy an Apple Watch I simple sellotape it to my watch strap.

This means I can tap the bottom of the strap onto contactless readers, including on the Tube.

I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve freaked out with it. In fact one a girl ran after me to demand what kind of magic it was. It’s pretty damn handy!

So naturally I think you should look into making a companion sim-sized Mondo card which people can attach to their keyring, watch, whatever. Either make it sticky, or even better make a sticky plastic thing to attach to the watch which you slide the sim into.

What do you think of than then eh?

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(Rika Raybould) #2

Oh nice, I didn’t know it was actually a SIM sized card in those devices. Never got around to disassembling them, too busy complaining at Barclays over Apple Pay.

I made reference to a small contactless EMV module over in the key fob thread and these fit the use perfectly!

(Andy Powell) #3

I like this idea. Have you linked it with your Monzo card?

(james_e_bell) #4

I’ve taken the card out of my bpay band and similarly used it for contactless payment pre-apple pay coming along - it was pretty cool!

I also quite like this product: Kerv - its a similar thing but in a ring format

Edit: Kerv integration has been discussed before on the forum here:

(Gehan Gonsalkorale) #5

I only just got a Mondo card as Im on Android. Since getting Mondo I don’t used bpay - would rather just have one card, although now I have to get my wallet out!

Id love to clone my card and stick it to my watch though!

(Andy Powell) #6

Well, I was thinking of it as a way to fix some of the issues with contact-less payment machines and Monzo and just having it auto-top up from Monzo. I ride a motorcycle and it’d be easier to blip a wrist band than digging out my card.