Signature strip no longer required


More room for numbers!

(Jack) #2

How would you authorize a magstripe transaction?

Good news though! I know a lot of people that never sign!

(#savetheseabass) #3

Went to use my Argos card the other week but hadn’t signed it so she wanted to see my signature on a bank card. Neither signed, nor my credit card. She gave up at that point :grin:

(Nick) #4

Reminds me of the time someone gave me an unsigned bank card, and then signed it in front of me after I pointed this out. They were baffled when I explained I still couldn’t accept it. In this case they had no other already-signed cards to compare with, but did eventually find some money in their purse.

To this day they probably still think I’m the one who was at fault, but :expressionless:

(#savetheseabass) #5

I had one who signed it in an entirely different name. Claimed it was a married name but had no other ID to back that up. I cut it up :innocent:

(Thomas Poole) #6

Signature strip is a thing of the past. Pre pin stuff really

(Peter Shillito) #7

Might make going abroad awkward…

(Andy Little) #8

I never sign. I can’t even remember the last time I did a magstripe transaction.

(Tony Hoyle) #9

The last time that happened to me (which was a long time ago, stores now assume cards are unsigned) I signed it in front of them and it was fine. Don’t know why they bothered even then.


If it wasn’t for the fact that when going abroad (and some ATMs) I kinda need the magstripe still there, I’d like to see a Monzo card without the magstripe or signature strip, and with the card number/expiry date on the back of the card instead of the front.


How would you authorize a magstripe transaction?

How do you authorise a magstripe transaction now? Nobody checks signatures, and even if they do, the check is subjective at best, so might as well do away with it.

(Rika Raybould) #12

Interestingly, Mastercard also made even asking for a signature optional for whole classes of merchants over entire regions (including North America) this quarter. :writing_hand:

(Jack) #13

True I guess, if there’s no way to verify it surely it shouldn’t exist. I guess there’s still to many places that use it though.


Oh good. Perhaps the most pointless ‘security’ check that no retail staff (particularly in the UK) even check. More time is spent looking for a pen than scrutinising the spot the difference of card and paper signature.

(Andy Little) #15

You’re exactly right. Back in the days of signing for transactions I sometimes used to sign J.L.Pickard. Not one person ever questioned it.


At least in North America (Visa and MC) and globally for Amex, Signatures are no longer required and cards that don’t have PINs or on swipe transactions, it’s just swipe/dip and nothing. Some older machines may print the signature line, but the merchant doesn’t need to obtain one.


Funnily enough I have a business card that is chip and signature and the signature is scrutinized almost every time in the UK. They’ll even sometimes ask to me to sign again (Sometimes on super low value transactions!). No where else have I ever had the signature checked.

(Andy Little) #18

You’ve surprised me with that.

Maybe, now that it’s no longer common, signature transactions make the staff a little more suspicious / keen on checking.

(Allie) #19

No check. Magstripe is easily cloned and the signature doesn’t provide any real benefit. The major networks all no longer require signatures to be collected for signature transactions in the US and Amex doesn’t require them anywhere in the world now.

(Alexandra Packer) #20

I’ve never signed my signature on a card for years… no-one has ever noticed. I remember about 20+ years ago when I worked in a shop, I was enlighted to the fact that actually you could sign anything on your piece of plastic and/or your receipt and it still be accepted. Lots of Micky Mouse signatures ensued…! :joy: