Sign up name field and titles and overall process

(Adey Merrett) #1


Good looking app and great concept.

For the full name field, it doesn’t make clear if a title is needed. I assumed I had to put one in, which led the app to say:

“Hi Mr, welcome to Monzo” or whatever the wording is on that screen. I have two middle names as well, so may be a slight edge case for names.

On the debit card section, it filled the Card Holder name with my full name, including Mr.
Not sure how accurate banks are about the name, but my card has it as initials.

At the end of the process, the app states that the card is on the way. Great, at the bottom is states, "open this app to activate your card instantly."
It may make it a bit more intuitive to add a button saying “Close app for now.” though I appreciate the clean interface. Or making the statement at the bottom more prominent.



When talking about an app on this community it helps to clarify if you talking about Android or iOS as they at differing stages of development and have different layout and features

(Thomas Welton) #3

Your name isn’t printed on the card, and when you activate the card you’ll have access to the full app and be able to message support and ask them to change your name.

(Adey Merrett) #4

Yes, fair point. On that note, the forum for bugs might help have the field for prompting which platform we are posting bugs about.

To answer the specific point, Android 5.1.1

(Adey Merrett) #5

I had read that my name won’t be on the card. That was not my point though.

The app said “Hi Mr,” not “Hi firstname”. It’s trying to be friendly and welcoming and failing at the moment.
If it parsed for common titles and a space, then took the next word as firstname, it would be welcoming.

You could save support team a headache down the road of having a flood of name changes, by parsing and populating the database correcly now. At the moment it is generating waste further down the line. With parse it or have a title drop down.

First Great Western’s app, includes Lord and Lady; though this may be because it services London with people heading to the House of Commons / Lords.

There is a validation step in the process, that gets people to confirm that their name is correct. That I didn’t try.

As I’ve signed up, I guess I can’t go back through the process and test it more throughly.


(tom) #6

Thanks for the feedback.

We should be able to check if people enter Mr/Mrs/Ms etc, and let them know that it’s not required. I’ll pass it on to the product team.