Anyone using it :thinking:

Thinking I might sign up at weekend, 7 day free trial. Just watched a few previews of some shows and films, all my cup of tea.


Yes, the mere thought of this makes me shudder. I’m sh^tting myself at the thought of seeing 2:22 at the theatre in October for our anniversary trip. A meal at Rules followed by a basement jazz bar in Smithfield Market the night after is a much more appealing thought… :slight_smile:

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I’m not currently but it does have a lot of stuff I like!

So have been considering for a little while. Let us know how it is if you sign up.

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I can’t think of anything I’m less likely to pay for! I do my best to avoid horror at all costs! :sob:

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It’s one of those services where I’d sign up for the free trial when I have the time to watch as many films as possible within the free period, but I don’t think it would offer me enough to keep paying for it.

Biggest problem is I have so much other stuff to watch that is tricky to find a window to make the most of the free trial (and also an illustration why paying for it wouldn’t be the best use of money).

Funnily enough, Shudder actually came up on my radar last night when I was looking to see if there was somewhere I could stream the Irish horror FROM THE DARK.

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I’ll be signing up later on today to test it out :ok_hand:

1st on my list is this

So there’s plenty of obscure content which looks decent, it’s not one of them services where you’d want to sign up for 12 months though. Luckily they just do a monthly package, that’s probably more suitable as can dip in and out as watchable content drys up and then lands on the service again.