Show us your homescreen


That used to be the beta/preview Current Account app - nowadays I just use the normal (blue) :monzo: app :wink:

(Dan) #167

Ahhh I see :stuck_out_tongue: before my time :wink:

(Lance Rumbolt) #168

I went back to iPhone again. Currently on the iPhone 10 am enjoying it way more than I thought.

(Simon) #169

Way too many apps but I use them all and have another screen full of less used ones

(Daniel White) #170

Switched to an iPhone X and Cellular Apple Watch after being in the Android world for the past 4-5 years, really not missing Android so far!

Those with badge/notification OCD, look away now!

(Ian Lyon) #171

I’ve been doing my best to keep mine as minimal as possible. I don’t allow badges on my home screen, and I’m almost always at inbox-zero :no_good_man:

@Chalky I couldn’t cope with yours :joy:


Expensive cat :heavy_dollar_sign::moneybag:

(Kevyn) #173

Upgraded at Christmas from a launch day iPhone 6, which was starting to fall to pieces but still worked, to an iPhone X.

I don’t like multiple pages, but am happy with folders. So all my apps are on the one homescreen and the ones I open often are not in folders. I don’t use Mail app but Spark and it works quite well. I do clear notifications, have many apps have them disabled.


Serious question, how do you actually use your email app with that much email? Wouldn’t any important messages just get lost in the noise?


Android :grin:


(Jon) #177

Mine is pretty boring tbh.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #178

That is nice wallpaper, where is it from?

(Jon) #179

I stole it off someone on reddit. :shushing_face:

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #180

Just reverse searched and found it lol

cheers :smiley:

(Dan) #181

You just what sorry? What is a ‘reverse search’ and how would one do such a thing?


Search images on google

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #183

Right Click

(Mike Fethers) #184

Here’s mine, nice and clean (I think!)

(Cameron Chalmers) #185

here is mine! notice the screen free of notifications :joy: