Show us your homescreen

(Simon B) #146

Beautiful icon pack, which one is that? And which widget that shows the quotes?

(J) #147

Good question! I’ll look for icon pack name, I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called or where I got it from it was so long ago. Might be in the file properties so I will have a look.

The quotes is from “brilliant quotes” app: good to get some rotating quotes each day.

(Simon B) #148

It looks beautiful. I used to quite heavily customise Android back in the early days of having a G1 and Galaxy S2, as a new platform I was interested in pushing it to it’s limits to see what was possible! These days I generally keep quite close to stock, although I do use Nova Launcher and rotate icon packs from time to time.

Should be getting my Pixel 2 XL this weekend so might use it as an opportunity to design a whole new home screen from scratch :grinning:

(Eve) #149

I think human memory operates best by colour (I’m sure there’s some research out there, I remember reading an article about it) so I guess it would work if you had a reasonable amount of apps. Some people have too many and put them in colour coded folders too, but I prefer looking at a full spread like this

I love OHSHC!!

(Simon B) #150

Just got my Pixel 2 XL!


My 7yo daughter has arranged apps, on her iPad, according to colour. That’s without anyone giving her the idea.

(Hugh) #152

Congrats :tada::tada:

I’m well jealous - the screen dimensions from the screenshot look :ok_hand:

Will be interested to see how the camera holds up :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #153

Every shot so far has blown me away. We literally took a picture outside in the dark last night and you can see the detail on everything, even though the only light source was a dim yellow streetlight. It’s incredible. I’m headed to California in a couple of weeks so looking forward to getting some amazing photos there.

(Justin I'Onn) #154

I’ve got an HTC One M9, running Android 7.1.

I didn’t upgrade when the upgrade was due last month. I need to cut down on my outgoings! I’m going to try and get another 18 months out of it.

I was using a beta of Microsoft Launcher (for over a year), but left the beta after the latest test version used an awful lot of battery power the other day. I’m using Nova right now.

(James Wheatley) #155

I’ve had my Pixel 2 XL for a week now and love it, getting 30hrs battery life at the moment which is so much better than what I was getting before!


30!? whoahhhh thats insane

(James Wheatley) #157

Yeah I know I was shocked but let’s just see how long it lasts!!

(Simon B) #158

I got 19 hours on my Pixel 2 XL yesterday with brightness on full, consistent usage, and with Battery Saver disabled. With a lower brightness, lighter usage and with Battery Saver kicking in at 15%, 30 hours seems reasonable to me.


Impressive - is it stock or did you install additional tweaks/battery saver apps or anything like that? I always remembered Android being worse than iOS in terms of battery life but now I’m jealous (and Apple seems to have dropped the ball given the awful battery life I get on my iPhone 7).

(James Wheatley) #160

I have screen on about 25% brightness and what really stood out is when battery saving came on it said I had 8hrs battery remaining and wasn’t wrong!

I always leave Android completely stock, I always found the “saver” apps used the battery just as much as anything else on the phone.


Since getting a wireless charging dock on my desk, I don’t care so much about battery life - the phone sits on it when i’m not actively using it.

(Tim James) #162


I changed mine for Christmas :christmas_tree: :santa:


(Frank) #164

The one I posted before was moving most things into folders. But it started bugging me as I was going into them for a single app. So updated the screen today. Everything else on the next page.

(Dan) #165

Why is your Monzo icon white?