Show us your homescreen

(Brandon Billingham) #186

What’s the orange . next to outlook?


Recently updated and not opened since then :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s blue. Orange is testflight.

(Mike Fethers) #189

T’is indeed Testflight, current “normie” Outlook App can’t handle my inbox when it freshes.


Checkout Apollo! I’ve found it much better than Narwhal too. The Dev is an ex Apple employee I believe.

(Kieran McCann ) #191

Oh I’m 100% on the Apollo train :steam_locomotive: now. Such a good app.

(Tommy Clark) #192

(Allie) #193

Here’s my now two week old Pixel 2

(Dean) #194


(Tim) #195

Here’s my set of homescreens - first screen for my ‘need to have them now’ apps, second screen for ‘I’m using these regularly at the moment apps’ and then a dumping ground of folders on the 3rd page for apps I’ll find by spotlight search as and when I need them.

(Ian Lyon) #196

This might be the first time I’ve been happy with my home screen :thinking:

even though I wish Apple would allow customisation because text labels frustrate me


Curious why you keep the Watch app on the first page. Do you use it often, and if so, what for?

(Mega Charizard) #198

To be fair Aja was my least favourite last season but she was a star in this all stars season!

(Ian Lyon) #199

I’d like to say I use it a lot, but honestly? I just needed something to fill the row to stop me from having a row of 3 at the bottom :sweat_smile:

(Mega Charizard) #200

(Tim) #201

Wasn’t she just? My lock screen is all the Pop Art pics from this week’s mini challenge - I thought it was an inspired choice to have the queens pose for them!

(Wasim Chowdhury) #202

Any chance you could upload your wallpaper?

(Ian Lyon) #203

@wasimchy Enjoy!

I actually got it from this app which has a lot of nice wallpapers to choose from.

(Wasim Chowdhury) #204

Thank you!


Any reason to use glympse rather than find my friends?