Show Us Your Homescreen (2019)

Since a bunch of people will have new phones at this time of year…

Here’s mine on my brand new Pixel 4 XL! Haven’t really done much customisation yet.


Current Pixel 2XL homescreen - always as simple as possible.

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Happy to answer any questions on any apps etc! I do quite like seeing other people’s homescreen layouts.

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That is a bright wallpaper! Polar opposite to my dark style haha. Thanks for sharing.

I haven’t used more than one page on my iPhone homescreen for years now, just don’t like it, much prefer folders.

Also loving the new iOS 13 backgrounds that change with dark mode/light mode :heart_eyes:


Pretty standard haven’t really changed it since day one of having an iPhone.

Pretty boring homescreen :joy: Galaxy S9 for this one

Pixel 4 XL

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Disclaimer: Clutter free homescreen doesn’t reflect any other aspect of my life at all :see_no_evil:


Simple, Boring :slight_smile: - iphone 11 pro max

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Very similar to me.
I love a simple, dark look.
There’s a few more icons and a myfitnesspal widget due to a health kick after a cruise!

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I like to keep it very minimal, although it does get changed quite often.

I don’t think mines changed from last time.

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Here’s mine:

I see a fair few people here are using Fantastical as their calendar app, is it any good? vs Google Calendar?

I guess no one else here is quite into theming as me.


I haven’t used Google Calendar but I highly recommend Fantastical. It supports calendar entries and reminders. Has a very useful widget, generally great UX/UI. Natural language parsing for entries which makes adding events very quick and easy. Plus you’re supporting an independent development company by buying it.

I’m all too familiar with the post-cruise issue, still fighting after our mid-August one. Boy, can you put weight on fast…

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Definitely would recommend Fantastical, bought it after reading the great reviews a few years ago and never looked back.

The widget is an absolute winner!!

It’s scary how quickly you put weight on, and how slowly you seem to lose it…