Show that pot is locked from Account screen

Pop quiz hotshot, which of these pots is locked? (should that be 'Pot quiz?)


I think it would be good to have the UI display the little padlock icon in the list, not just when I click through to view the Pot itself.

Very very minor point but I’m about to set up some new pots so would be handy. And hey, if you wanna make them re-orderable while you are at it…

It has been like this since they changed the pots to scroll up, had to double check on wifes phone that it wasnt the new update relased today if you signed up :wink:

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In the spirit of Monzo I’ve been using a :lock: at the beginning of the name.


:man_facepalming: :bulb:

Great idea!


Yeah I know, just hadn’t gotten around to posting about it.

And the other issue is the padlock was white, so on a white background again you do not know if it is locked or not unless you go in, I vote for a Hot coral pink padlock :wink:

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Indeed. I presumed the UI design wouldn’t be THAT daft to do white on white… but … :man_shrugging::wink:


Mine looks like this.


Nicely ordered, what a faff if you wanna change the order though!


Could it be intentional? Maybe not seeing that it is locked (with the way pots are currently locked) if you want to try and take money out of a pot and realise as you try to take it out that its locked it is more prominent a reminder?

I dunno, could be way off with that one.

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How you adding the padlock to the text line then?

I assume using html image link?

Just an emoji.


Thinking too technical :wink:



If I see in the list view that a pot is locked, that would be more prominent than making me click through to see if the pot is locked or not? Surely??

If I see a load of pots, and I want to take money out of one of them, I’d be inclined to take money out of the one with the most money in it. So I’d click onto that pot and then realise oh wait no, this is locked for X reason when I can see the whole overview of the pot rather than it just in a list.

It just seems it may be intentional as it dropped off when the rest of the UI changed.

Hi Codf, great images for your pots! You wouldn’t happen to have the link where you found them by any chance? I’d really appreciate it as what you have looks great.

Thank you. Cal

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But if the padlock is displayed in the list, I wouldn’t need to waste clicking into any that were locked.

So rather than:

  • Ohh that’s got the most - CLICK - ohh it’s locked - CLICK back out.
  • That’s got the next most - CLICK - ohh it’s locked - CLICK back out.
  • That’s got the next next most - CLICK - hooray I can use this one…

I could just do this:

  • Ohh that’s got the most but it’s locked.
  • That’s got the next most, but it’s locked.
  • That’s got the next next most but isn’t locked, that’s the one for me. - CLICK.

Same outcome, much less hassle.


I’d agree if the pots were truly “locked” - then there would be no reason to even click into a locked pot - but now you only really have to click onto the pot, onto the slightly greyed out withdraw button and then say you want to close it all down to receive the money.

So by adding in the padlock when you click into the pot for me its almost like a “do not cross” sign, psychologically I would have thought that it makes it feel less penetrable - like all the signs coming at once.

As I said, I could be way off with it and it could be something that was missed out in the UI change.

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Mine are truly locked.

Somewhere at OakNorth towers right now!