Show pot interest rates clearly in app

At the moment, if I click on the link to see the interest rates offered on Pots via this page,

I get through to the create pot sign up flow

Rather than being shown the actual interest rates.

Please fix this.

I don’t want to create a pot just to see the interest rates on offer or have to check the website for the information

Running Android Version 3.18.0

Which button are you clicking on which view to get that screen (the first one)?

From the main home page, I just swipe the Monzo card to the left to get that page or I can click on savings pot on this page

Hm not seen that before. Must only show when you don’t have any pots. You can click ‘Earn interest on your money’ on that screen to see the interest rates immediately, but I think what Monzo are trying to do is allow you to set up a pot that isnt interest bearing as well from the screen you see.

If I click on “Earn interest on your money”, I get through to the same “create a pot” workflow - not the interest rates as you seem too.

As you say, I suspect this only affects people with no pots but I suspect there are a lot of us in that boat and it needs to be fixed

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