Show notes in standing orders/direct debit scheduled payments

As a Monzo customer
When I see my standing orders list
I want to see notes on the summary screen
So that I know what they are


When we moved in years ago, my girlfriend set up all the bills in her name - not just bills but Netflix, Spotify etc. Each month I pay half, and I have standing orders set up to pay her 6-7 different things.

The problem is, the entire list just shows her name ‘Lous Lane’ and a money amount, rather ‘Council Tax - £50’ . It shows this 6-7 times, and I have to click into each one to see what it is for.

This also goes for direct debits that I pay to the same company multiple times. For example, I have multiple PayPal direct debits of different amounts, but the list just shows PayPal multiple times.


  • [ ] scheduled payments list shows notes
  • [ ] show stand order by note rather than payee

Good idea. Simple but useful!

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