Should pot roundups refund on refunds?

I have roundups on for purchases, as was just curious as to whether it should work the other way on a refund.

Nope :slight_smile:


I mean it’s at most 99p moved over to your pot. You could shove it back easily if you wanted to. I don’t think it’s a big deal personally.


How would Monzo know if it was a refund? and how would it match it to the original transaction? Even more so if it is a partial refund / 1 item out of a bunch.

I probably should have precised that question with I was genuinely just curious :rofl:
@ordog that’s very true. But then that leads onto a another questions the ability to tag incoming payments as income or otherwise

I think Monzo can, theoretically, match a refund to the original transaction if the refund is due to the merchant not taking the payment (ie: any refunded transaction which remains as “pending”).

Admittedly, this wouldn’t work for other types of refunds.

It rather goes against the spirit of saving to a pot if money gets pulled back out automatically.

If anything, I’d rather it rounds up the refund, too!