Should I get a credit card?


Use an Amex.

Instant notifications and rewards for spending what you’d spend anyway!

Just pay it off every day/week/month and you are literally getting something for nothing :smiley:

Edit - Of course I’m joking with you now - You need to do what’s best for you, no matter what anyone else says.

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I would say if you want to get one do - I did to improve my credit rating (as some things as mentioned in the thread above don’t apply to me) - although I’m still not really sure on how your rating changes - I think that could be a new blog feature from Monzo explaining this in a bit of detail from the Banks point of view.

But in all honesty I only use it for “big purchases” at the end of the month or my petrol and usually move the money straight back - I’m a little too unorganised for the 0% game and will probably pay off what I have on it atm in 2 months and then not use it again (or only in “emergencies”).

I got my CC with the Legacy I was still banking with at the time as it was probably the best one I could’ve got having just graduated.

But to each his/her own - if it works for you then it works!


Wow that is impressive, with what credit card


It’s with one of the Amex cards that offer a 2-4-1 BA ticket.

The unusual thing here is the actual ticket initially costing £15K - Ultimately, you’d end up using the same number of points if the ticket only cost £3K (assuming the flight was to Mumbai).

So I guess if you want to feel like you are getting the absolute most for your points, you want to find a flight that is overpriced, and then use your points on it.

Prime example was my flights to Lanzarote last year (family of 4).

I could have probably got them for around £700 or £800 depending on what “extras” I went for (maybe slightly more).

The BA flight I ended up booking would have cost £1850 if I’d simply booked through BA (It actually cost me £115 in taxes, because I booked with my BA points).

So, did I save £1850 (minus the £115)? In a way, yeah I did.

Would I have spent £1850 on flights to a volcanic rock… No - If I had to, I’d have bought the £700/£800 flights from a budget airline.

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The reason the Mumbai flights were so much was that they were fully flexible, something that booking a redemption flight offers, but buying the cheapest fairs often doesn’t. Anyway… more recently I’ve booked to go to Split in June, cost me £42.50ish, (business out, economy back) - would have been about £400 buying a ticket direct. I still think that’s a good use of just under 20k points (now that I’m single, finding shorthaul redemptions with their capped taxes way more appealing!)


Did you go onto the flight availability calculator and see what was available?

I did… We are going to Split in August! :joy:

Cost £150 for a family of 4 (economy both ways, I don’t think it had business as an option!)

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Yep! Bit gutted I didn’t get business on the return, but I’ve got an alert going if they add more :slight_smile: