Short term budgets

I find the budgets useful where it shows your rate of spend against time passed.

What if you could set a budget over a specific period of time, such as a week long holiday? We have a £500 budget in our joint account for a holiday we’re on, we’re finding it very useful but it would be even better if we could set it against the duration of the holiday

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Almost sounds like a budget per pot?

Or uses a pot for the holiday spending, and only move £x out of it each week (bit of a kludge I know!)

Another kludge (lovely word,btw) would be to set up an IFTTT action to move card spending out of the pot for the duration.

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You can set up an IFTTT action that records all of your spend into a Google Sheet.

Could put it on at the start of the holiday and monitor as you go? Turn if off after the holiday and then compare to what you wanted to spend/ budgeted for?

I don’t think there is anything natively in the App that could achieve this though, apart from resetting the budget period to start on your holiday, maybe?

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The money is best in our available balance as wevre spending on the card. Everything we spend on the holiday is being categorised as holiday, and comes off our £500 budget, what im suggesting is that a short term budget could be set up as monzo thinks we’re spending too fast as it expects our £500 budget to last the whole month