Shared Tab confusion


I’m having trouble with Shared Tabs.

My partner does most of the shopping and he inputs all our shared costs into Shared Tabs. I then pay off my share, however in my ‘feed’, the costs appear as me paying my partner money. I can’t see the details of the cost that I’ve actually paid off (for example, was it an Amazon purchase or a Sainsbury’s shop… etc)

Is there a way around this?

Furthermore, if we buy something and both pay it off in Shared Tabs, but then refund that purchase, my partner will get the refund and have to manually pay me back my half. There is no way to resolve refunds in Shared Tabs. Is this correct? Has anyone found a way around this?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve not got a solution or answer for you but, have you considered a Joint Account for this, would be a lot simpler maybe?

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Hi - thanks!

We do have a joint account but it’s just as tricky to split costs. If you’re splitting bills/expenses 40/60 (instead of 50/50) then it can become a bit tricky and you might lose track of who’s spending what.

But it might be a slightly better option than Shared Tabs. Will look into.

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Why do you need to split every individual bill and transaction?

This is how my partner and I do things…

Let’s say all your bills, expenses, food etc all come to £1,000 per month. Each put your share of that into the joint account - so it can be 60/40 or whatever split you want. (do it with a standing order each month for example).

Then use your joint account for all joint spending and setup all your joint direct debits here too. If something that you haven’t budgeted for needs to be bought eg. new bedding. then split this. Doing it this way means that everything is automatically split without all the hassle of repeatedly requesting payments from each other and managing shared tabs.

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Yup, same as us. Mostly DDs for bills, counctil tax etc. Dead easy.

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