Shared Pots

Hi everyone

I’m Jessica and I’m a Product Designer here at Monzo :slight_smile:

On this shiny warm day, I’m very excited to show you a quick sneak peek of something we’ve been exploring recently: Shared Pots!


With Shared Pots, you’ll be able to share a Pot with your chosen friends and family to help you save towards some goals. For example, let’s say you are buying a present for a friend or you want to share rent with your roommate etc…

This is still WIP and a very early concept, but we’re really keen on getting feedback from our lovely community to understand if we’re moving into the right direction.

Please, let us know your thoughts!




Looks awesome! I think only useful for me if you could allow payments to come from that pot. I.e. Utility bills, rent etc


On the back of that last comment, if we could allow payments from a shared pot then that would be a step in the right direction for joint accounts! The main thing stopping me making this my primary account.


This is brilliant! It’s something me and my partner have wanted for ages + the ability to pay from pots for bills so we can have a “Bills” pot to keep from overspending into our committed. Really cannot wait for this!


Hi Jessica,

Could this support deposits in the form of That would be hand if you only wanted to share it with one friend but have others in your friendship group deposit into it, for example if you was planning a trip away with friends or a night out.


Nice idea and looks great! Will you be able to get sub-totals by contributor, so you can easily track who’s most pulling their weight?


Would it be possible to set the pot as the source of funds for your card? Yet still have DDs etc pull from your main account?

Would make it nice and easy to pay for dinners/nights out/big gifts etc.


Shame you cannot pay from this shared pot. Just take the money to your main account.


I guess my question would be:

  • If you create a shared pot, does everyone who it’s shared with get to see it in their “account” tab too, and if so, would there be any restriction to prevent them withdrawing money?

I can see it being useful for a lot people, maybe more so for the people that have shared financial commitments but aren’t a couple


This looks great. A few questions:

  • Is there any way to limit withdrawals if it shows on everyone’s account?
  • Is it only possible to share a pot with other Monzo users?
  • Can we set a target for the pot?
  • How does the ‘Users nearby’ work?

@jexyla this looks great. My question is where does the money reside? Is it in a holding account completely separate to the users the pot is shared with. Or is it in the account of the initiator? And what happens when people leave the pot?


I also spotted custom images, is this coming with or before shared pots? And any ETA on a shared pots TestFlight? Really keen to try this with my partner.

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Absolute. Gamechanger.

No more “I definitely already put in money for Billy’s leaving present. Don’t you remember?” bull.

  • Will non Monzo users also be able to pay directly into the pot?
  • Will anyone be able to withdraw or only the ‘owner’?
  • Might this be expanded to a “house pot” where repeat card payments and direct debits can come out of?

When can we have a go?


Looks awesome! Definitely love the little avatars to make it easy at a glance who has access!

I do wonder if it’ll be anybody can add, or if it’s anybody can add/withdraw? Would be amazing if that was an option too? Can already see situations where both might be nice.

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Can’t wait for this. Maybe now my wife will upgrade her account.

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Exciting to see that you’ll be able to get a list of transactions by tapping into a shared pot. Hopefully this feature will come to all pots?


Second this, would love to see a list of all transactions in/out of the pot available.

Shared pots would work great for me as I don’t want the trouble of a joint account, but still want a shared sort of pool with my housemate. A joint account is a massive trouble to apply for and not worth it if it’s only a short-term arrangement! Would be good for couples who want to keep separate finances too.