Shared Pots


I’m looking forward to shared pots for saving. It would be even more awesome if anybody in the pot could spend directly from a shared pot, or even associate a completed transaction with a shared pot. Then me and my girlfriend could put money in to a shared pot and we could keep track of how much we spend together.

Perhaps the option to allow anybody in the pot to spend could be optional. It depends how much we all trust our friends! At least there would be a record of it. A summary of how much each pot member has spend might go down well too in that case.

Did someone say feature creep?!

(MikeF) #186

Shared pots haven’t been mentioned in a long time so it’s really not clear what timeline they are on now. I think once pots for Joint Accounts are released, we may see a little more clarity about plans for shared pots.

(Thomas Poole) #187

This would be a great idea as my friends all have monzo and use it when doing rounds by on a day out the shared pot seems like a great idea when saving up to go out as a group would be good if you pay from the pot as well so it could be useful for rounds

(George) #188

In terms of permissions for the pot, the way I interpret the request so far is that there is a pot owner that can be re-assigned (to spend the pot) and all people involved can only take out as much as they have put in.

(Jack Coleman) #189

Is that a choose your own photo for the pot?

I need the option to set the picture for the pot…

Is that happening?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #190

To my knowledge there is nothing planned for this yet.

If I remember they discussed the possibility of allowing you to choose a picture from a 3rd party service otherwise they would have to make changes to their infrastructure to allow for storage of everyone’s custom images.

(Jay Ess) #191

What’s the ETA on releasing this feature?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #192

They are currently working on pots for joint accounts which has forced them to re-evaluate how pots work entirely.

Joint account pots are arguably shared pots, so once they’ve cracked this I’m sure they won’t be far off. There is no ETA on either of these :slight_smile:

(Jay Ess) #193

Thanks @Ordog, Do you know if it will be possible to create more than 1 joint account?


Not currently - As the joint account is linked to your personal account, you can only create one right now.