Share your best negotiating Skills, when haggling'

Share your best negotiating Skills, when haggling.

I’ve got your kids.



And if I don’t get a discount, I’ll give them back.


Much to my Wife’s embarrassment, I’ll often just come straight out with, ‘If you knock a tenner off that, I’ll take it now’. It often works in places that already have stuff on sale. My favourite places for doing this type of bartering, are carpet shops if I buy an end roll of something. I never pay the reduced price as marked up, I always ask for a further discount and I get it. I don’t find it cheeky in any way.

Always be prepared to walk. Never give your best and final price. It’s a buyer’s market right now…

Edit: doesn’t give you the right to be inappropriate. Sentences such as “that price doesn’t look right to me” is entirely appropriate.


One of my friends often uses something along the lines of “ah, I was hoping for something a bit cheaper… Is there something we can do about that?”

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Start with a good price but have room to meet them half way if they don’t budge that far. Read body language before you even talk to them. Also practice makes perfect as it’s always awkward the first few time.

Never fill the awkward silences.

This is true. You have to enjoy them.

You also have to distinguish between a decent offering and just being a Choosing Beggar. If you piss the seller off, they’re less likely to be helpful on the price side.

Leave a discussion amicably and on good terms. Don’t be upset or argue if your offer isn’t acceptable to the seller.

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Thanks guys and girls, appreciate that

I find having a handful of cash helps for high value stufff, like buying a second hand car privately. Take the amount out that they’re asking, but leave a portion in another pocket so you have two quantities - the amount you want to pay in one pocket the balance between it and their asking price in the other. When you start to talk pull out the pile of cash that represents what you want to pay and hold it in your hand while haggling. People see cold hard cash and they react very differently to how they would if you were just talking numbers.

The pile in the second pocket is a get out clause… if you ‘really’ want the item in question and they’re being particularly unwilling to budge it gives you a chance to renegotiate. You can hide the fact you brought the full amount by saying something about nipping to a bank at which point you take a five/ten minute walk and head back. In some cases if they have your number you may find they actually call you back and settle, if they don’t, they get their asking price and you don’t look like you were trying to undercut them.

I’d also say while you can, I think it’s rude to haggle agree a price and then not actually buy.