Share button doesn’t work in Manage tab

Share button doesn’t respond.

Go into the Manage tab and click on the blue Share button. It flickers as if it knows it’s been clicked but nothing happens.

iOS 14.6.1 [Edit - that should say 15.6.1]
iPhone 13 Pro
App version ?? [Edit - I have the latest release]

It may be worth updating your iPhone and then being sure you have the latest version of the app installed.

iOS 15 is latest, with iOS 16 in beta.

If still not working updating all, drop by here again and someone may be able to help further.

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I suspect that’s a typo - the iPhone 13 came with iOS 15 installed.

Or iphone 12 Pro :sweat_smile::nerd_face:

It was a typo - original posting has been updated.

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Fixed in today’s update - version 4.46.0. Thanks.

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