Shady Merchant Flag

I recently made a purchase from a site where it looked like I was getting a great deal. However, the product I ended up getting was not what was advertised at all. (I know, I should have been more cautious in the first place)

But would it be possible to allow us to flag a merchant in the app for this kind of thing. Perhaps if a merchant gets flagged a certain number of times (on unique transactions), payments to that merchant could be blocked with a message explaining why?


I like the idea however I’d be concerned that it could lead Monzo to getting accused of libel however not being a person from a legal background I could be totally wrong! :laughing:


I’m unsure law wise if a merchant could claim that this is libel or anti-competitive on Monzo’s part?

… and @glasgow beats me to the punch as I was typing this up. :wink: :slight_smile:


If not blocked then a star rating or maybe a note saying a number of users have made several chargebacks against this company perhaps?


I like the idea, but not sure how practical it would be and whether it is really any help to a consumer since you’ll only know once you’ve made a purchase with the merchant… so any kind of star rating that is publicly visible is probably out (plus if I saw I’d purchased from a 1 star merchant, I’d probably be encouraged to simply do a chargeback which seems unfair)


Also people would most likely vote very low on companies that have had any recent scandal in the last few months, which has nothing to do with the actual product or service offered itself.

I like the idea, but you’ve seen the problems with TrustPilot.

That’s said, a warning based on charge backs or other data might work - but maybe more for bank transfers where there’s the opportunity for that flow, rather than card transactions where I imagine Mastercard might have something to say about that practice…


Oh hell no. Can you imagine the abuse it would get? “I am unhappy with the quality of my breakfast roll from Greggs this morning, I shall express my disproportionate displeasure by flagging them in my banking app! Hah!”

There are already ways of ‘flagging’ dodgy merchants, as it were. From requesting a refund from the merchant, to requesting a chargeback from the bank (and further, small claims court). Banks would be able to spot suspicious patterns that way if they wanted to.


I completely agree, although there are some things that can be done to reduce these kinds of things. I find that something as simple as a drop down to select a reason for flagging can be relatively effective at reducing frivolous reporting.

Having said that, your point is a good one. I suppose if Monzo wanted to provide anything on shady merchants, they do already have tools to track it if they so wish.

I have wondered about some kind of flag system as well, anything to reduce fraud is a win in my books (provided it doesn’t produce too many false positives and isn’t unfair on legitimate businesses).

Maybe if something were built into the 3D secure process? So when you go to approve a transaction in the app there is something that shows the % of transactions that have been charged back?

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It’s a good idea but I could envisage that it would cause more problems than it solved!

I like the idea but I can see it getting abused.

I’m fairly sure that we’re prohibited from showing this kind of thing to users and it would put us in a really awkward legal situation if we could. :see_no_evil:

Trust is a really complex thing and I don’t personally believe it can ever be distilled down to a single score.



Revolut have started asking users for ratings , but don’t show you the merchant average or anything, will be interesting to see what they plan on doing with this info.

Each time you use the merchant you can give it a different rating, and your old ratings don’t change for previous transactions.

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