Setup a budget with Monzo API

I’ve been playing around with the Monzo API and written an application that works like the “Left to Spend” feature within Monzo but hopefully more accurate. I was thinking of sending myself feed items within Monzo maybe twice a week giving me nudge to save any spare money by moving the suggested amount into a pot. I use the last 2 months spending history to predict future spending in certain categories and this appears to mostly there.

Now after writing this app I’m thinking if there is an easier way by maybe utilising the zero sum budgeting system. I wanted to know if anyone else has used this system and how this could be setup with Monzo API managing the moving of money, I’m trying to automate the budget stuff as much as possible. I was thinking of maybe setting up pots for certain categories (groceries, fuel, clothes etc) and transferring a given amount into the main account each week and then using the API to move unspent money from those categories back into their respective pots at the end of each week. My main goal at the end of this is to reduce the main account balance as much as possible, leaving only what is actually needed. Just after some thoughts or experience with this type of thing

Edit: Thinking about this, having £300 in the main account each week isn’t very clear about that money is for. It doesn’t tell me that £100 is for food and £100 is fuel etc :thinking: