Setting variable amount on IFTTT Pots

Is it possible to set up a variable amount for IFTTT Pots.

I have an American express card, I’ve set up a loop so that when I am charged by American Express card, it moves the amount paid out of my AMEX pot I’ve set aside. But the issue is the IFTTT loop asks for a specific amount, where as it will likely change from month to month. So I just want it to deduct whatever the amount is from the pot instead of a specific amount.

I think you need to use AmountInAccountCurrency (which is in pence I believe).

See also (expand to see ingredients and then click the image to see all of the ones available):

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Are you on Android I assume?

There was a link a while back with this exact integration you need.

If I can dig out a link I’ll post it

Edit: this thread

Something in there explains this exact need :slight_smile:

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I’m not, so can’t take advantage of this. I add AMEX payments to a pot as a workaround, but AMEX payments still come out of my main account and not the pot, because the IFTTT requires a specified amount I think.

Will try that. Thanks!

Ahh in that case there’s a different thing you can do.

Let me find that thread :slight_smile:

Out of interest what trigger are you using to detect the Amex spend?

Edit / sorry just to check - are you trying to move money for each transaction you make on AMEX, or for when your AMEX bill is charged to your Monzo account?

So when I make one off payments, I want the charge to be taken out of my AMEX bill pot, so this isn’t to be confused with Direct debit payment.

Ah - so you’re making a one off payment with your Monzo card and you want that to take out the variable amount?

I think tbutz answer is the on you need then :slight_smile:

In the action for “Card transaction at Merchant” - just ensure you enter the Merchant name exactly how it appears on your feed :slight_smile:

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