Set up regular transfers with intelligence

I see that initiate payments via the API is on the roadmap, so those of us with the skills (and the time and inclination) can set something like this up ourselves easily. But for everyone else I was wondering what everyone though of the following feature:

Allow users to set up regular payments with a level of ‘intelligence’.

For example, on payday transfer 75% of last month’s remaining money to one account and the rest to an internal savings pot. Payday could be determined either by the date or by the name of the payee and the amount.

Another use could be, when work expenses are paid in, earmark these under a separate savings pot.

No doubt other people have transfers they regularly do manually which could easily be automated.

Edited to add: obviously this would be a long term thing.


Whilst this wouldn’t provide the “intelligence”, integration between the full API and IFTTT will be incredibly useful!

It would.

But I can’t be the only one who wouldn’t be too comfortable handing over the ability to transfer my money on demand to some third party service?

I’m assuming if there were to be a problem Monzo would probably be of the opinion that the user shouldn’t authorise a third party to move money unless they implicitly trust it?