Set Start of Month

Second that for some customisation. Weekly paid here so would like either weekly or 4-weekly option maybe?


Hi there, loving the app. I have been looking around the forums and haven’t seen this idea (although I might have missed it). It’s a simple one and should be easy enough to implement.
I budget weekly (rather than monthly). I would love to have the option to set weekly spending targets, not just monthly.
As it is with the monthly targets I can’t use this feature. I hope I’m not the only one!!!

I’m glad there’s already a thread for this as this has been the number one thought on my mind since starting to get my salary paid in to the Monzo CA. I keep looking and being like “oh great, only spent x amount on Ubers this month”, only to remember to swipe left and realise for the eightieth time that I have vastly overspent.

Adjustable pay periods are 100% necessary.

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Hi everyone

I’ve had a few ideas before coming here but they seem to have been addressed by other users except one

I’d like to be able to change where a month starts and ends as my salary doesn’t come in at exactly the end of the month. I end up having to look at different sets of monthly data to get a more accurate depiction of the month…you can spend a lot of money in 5 days!


This idea has been suggested many times here. Monzo are taking it seriously are have assured users that it will be possible soon

There’s quite a lot of discussion around this topic. Make yourself a cup of tea :coffee: and go here:

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Lets say I’m getting paid on the 22nd
At the moment, the budgeting tool generates a monthly report at the end of every month (1st - 30th) which isn’t really helpful or accurate for people getting paid earlier than the last week of the month

Im intrigued as to why people need the month to start on the 22nd for example, when they have fixed expenses for the month. Regardless of when I get paid there are still specific bills I need to meet on a monthly basis and the day I get paid doesn’t really change that.

For those wanting a flexible date… am I missing something really obvious ? Is your rent, mobile phone, tv licence etc not paid monthly?

I mean there are people who get paid weekly and they still have to work to a monthly budget to get the bills paid ?


Erm… yes, fairly big and obvious issues.

If I am paid on the 26th of the month (let’s say July), but my budget can only run from the 1st to the end of the month then there are 4 (maybe 5) days from my pay that effectively I’ll spend in August but won’t show in my August budget because technically they are in July.

There is a reason almost all budgeting apps allow for you to choose your month start date.

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I guess I don’t understand why your budget can only run a few days?

My pay day varies …that doesn’t change my ability to plan for the next month.


Of course I can budget but if the app resets to 0 four days into my pay then it’s a pointless budgeting tool…

I’m actually struggling to see how you don’t see that as a big flaw in a budgeting tool.

As am I…

The whole point of a budgeting tool is that it is an accurate model of your spending. If it doesn’t have the right dates then it isn’t an accurate model!

So I use fudget at the moment to manage my spending. Everything is planned on a monthly basis. To be honest it would never even cross my mind to split a month up.

My calendar says October so I plan my spending for October. I don’t plan for some of September and some of October because I got paid in September.

That’s the crux of my question as to me it’s logical to work on a monthly basis but clearly for some it seems not to be … and I was wondering why when key bills are paid on a month to month basis.


I get paid on the 28th of each month, earlier if that happens to be a weekend or bank holiday.

I simply “carry forward” that income to the next month and see it being spread out over the whole of the month looking after expenditure, direct debits etc. So the 1st to the 31st budgeting works OK for me.

I can see it being not to easy if you are paid much earlier in the month though.


In a separate app, perhaps it’s more possible. In the same app as your bank then it skews up the spending catagories. I can’t say “I spent £100 on food” in my September pay if 4/5 days of my food spending is in a different month.

I keep going back to - there is a reason that almost all budgeting apps and tools allow a user to choose a starting day of the month - or even (as mine does) a cycle (so I can have £100 over 8 days if I really want to).

But with budgetting you have an amount brought forward from the last month, your salary wage or pension, your outgoings, and what is left is carried forward to the next or put into savings.

As you know your regular outgoings be they a fixed monthly amount or a variable amount (in which case you take 1/12 of the previous years cost or perhaps a rolling average of the last 3 months) you take that away from your income and you know what is left to spend. Just divide that by 4 to get a rough weekly amount.

There is no point setting a target budget of X amount to spend for the month as you may then find an unexpected expense such as boiler or car repairs and you will then be sent into overdraft.

Just try each day or week to spend less than your budget allows so there is always some left to carry forward and that can either meet unexpected costs or moved to a savings account.

The issue I have with the app as it stands is it encourages people to spend up to a set amount rather than try and spend less.

Prudent budgetting would suggest not reaching a target and trying to have some left.

It will be good when Monzo do a savings account or have one in their marketplace.


For me, setting the start of the month is about attributing spend to a particular pay slip.
I get paid on the 27th of each month. Any spend after that, and before my next pay slip, I want to be considered as spending against that pay.
It shouldn’t matter what way people choose to budget. The ability to choose your budget start date is key to letting people budget in their own way.


Exactly - otherwise your budgeting tool isn’t an abstraction of your actual financial position!

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I get paid 4-weekly, every 4th Wednesday. I’d like to transfer money for 4-weekly and monthly DD and SO into pots soon after I get paid so that I can see what disposable income I have until next pay day. For that I’ll need to ‘set start of month’ every 4th Wednesday.

There are any number of reasons for wanting flexible start dates. Very few will apply to any individual however alternatives to the current method are likely to be beneficial to many.


Ideal situation for me would be recognition of salary coming in and the budget starting. Just for those months where the 27th falls on a Sunday etc.