Serious power drain issue

Just updated the ios version on my iPhone SE (ios 13.6) and the battery immediately began to drain by 1% every 7 seconds!! The phone heated up alarmingly during this time and after me rebooting it several times I’ve had to uninstall the app. Everything’s been fine since.

Not good for an online banks banking app.

It’s not the Monzo app doing that to your phone.

And out of all the apps on your phone, how have you narrowed this down to Monzo being the cause?

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My iPhone doesn’t do that :man_shrugging: .

A simple Google shows that people are reporting battery drain issues and overheating in iOS 13.5 and 13.6 - some of them iPhone SE owners specifically.

A reason this can happen is that something in the update triggers the iPhone’s processor to keep working even when idle. It usually sorts itself out after a time or rebooting it a few times does the trick as you did.

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When you perform an iOS update the phone performs a re-index of spotlight data, this is likely why your phone is overheating initially, it will likely be back to normal tomorrow morning.


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