Sending a Payment via bank transfer?

Hi help required.
Not been on here for a while many changes all seem good. However I cannot access my Monzo account ?
Just the community forum. I am having to use my iPad as my phone is kaput and want to make a payment to a relative who is not on or wishes to Join MONZO.
but has a bank account - can I send it her account if not what other options are there to send ?
Many Thanks

Yes, you can send it to her bank account even if she isn’t using Monzo.

Just select ‘Payments’ along the bottom then ‘Bank Transfer’.
If you are sending it to a UK account then fill out her info and then the amount you want to send her. They transfer is normally completed in a minute.
If you are sending outside the UK then fill out the payee name and the currency you want to send. Sending to non UK accounts uses TransferWise and so there is a fee for doing so.

If you sign up to the labs feature you can send her the money using text or email, even if they don’t have a Monzo account. I’m not exactly sure how this works as I’ve never used it before.

Here’s the blog post about it, seems easy enough to do and no fees: Monzo Labs: Pay anyone by text or email


Hi, you can login at but unfortunately you can’t send any money until you login into the app on an iPhone or Android smartphone.

But once logged in you can send money to any UK account .

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I think you can use Monzo on an iPad. It won’t look great as it’ll be sized for a phone not a tablet, but you should be able to install, login via your email and make a payment the usual way. From memory, you might need to flip a toggle on the Apple store so you can see iPhone apps as well as iPad ones.

Good luck!


Yes, my partner does :iphone::monzo:


Thank you Fab Worked perfectly …:ok_hand:t2:


Great! Glad to hear.

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