Sending a large payment on a weekend

Hi there,

My Dad is buying a boat this weekend, he’s not tech savvy and has no idea about online banking - he thinks it’s unsafe aha. Anyway the boat is based a 4 hour drive from us and we want to view the boat and make payment if it’s all okay.

We tried to do it via my Dads bank before on the phone but they said due to it being a weekend they cant do such a large payment, and that was only £14k wheres this is £25k.

I figured he will just send me 10k a day during weekend days and then pay the 25k directly to the current boat owner. I’m scared we will travel all that way and then the payment fails and we have to leave the boat there due to him not wanting to let his boat go while the money hasn’t been sent aha.

My limit is 10k / month so I will have to raise my limits, but i’m wondering if anyone else has had experience with sending large payments?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

How does your dad’s bank suggest they sort out the problem for their customer?

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I’d advise contacting Monzo well in advance. I wanted to send a large payment and it took a couple of days to get my limits sorted to do it. On the one hand I hadn’t had my account open very long (so KYC/AML flags may have started waving more quickly than they would now), on the other hand it was to NS&I not some dodgy destination.

So get in touch as early as you can so that any necessary questions can be asked and answered.