Send push notification via the API

(Andy Little) #1

I think a handy feature to have sometime down the line would be to send a request to the API which will push a notification to a users phone.

For example, if my card falls below the balance needed for a tank of petrol I’d like to see a notice. For now I can simply send an email and let gmail take care of the notification for me, but having it integrated into the app would be nice.

I can think of a few things I would like to be sent notification of. I know I can create a feed item (last I checked these didn’t show up on the android app), but a lot of the things I would like to be notified of are immediate things I won’t want clogging up the feed forever.

As an alternate suggestion, a class of feed item which can be deleted via the API would work. It could stay there until the condition you are notifying the user of is taken care of and then deleted.